What do werewolves like?

They have long legs and are taller than a human. Their snouts are long and some don't look like wolves while others look more wolf than human. These can transform 3 times a month or whenever dependent on the species. Some can not transform in the day, while others can. Their furs vary in colors (all werewolves). Their bodies break down and build up again, so it hurts when they transform. If a werewolf would fight a vampire any one could win depending on the species. Full bloods would beat a vampire while half bloods could win or lose. Werewolves feel pain, but heals quickly. The werewolf transforms because when the werewolf DNA gets inside their blood flow, it makes them release fluids from a part in your body called Lycantropin. Because of the special werewolf DNA in their veins, the half blood is sensitive to the full moon. Some of the werewolves can't control themselves because their minds turn into a wild animals when they transform. They would kill their own best friend if they thought they were being threatened. They act just like a wolf would. They can smell everything in human form.

Above is an example of a half blood (the more populous werewolves) there are others like Full bloods that can turn into a full wolf. They act and have the mental and physical abilities of a wolf in both humans and wolf form but they are really big! they can turn at any time like once one day and then four times the up coming week and are rare. There are few, but enough around where they can be seen sometimes. But the above is true about them. half bloods, break down and rebuild any time they change, while full bloods can change super fast when they are OLDER. When they are younger they break down and rebuild for a few years.

Then there are the mutts. These have exchanged blood with a werewolf or was bitten (half blood or full) and can turn into the wolf that they have exchanged blood with. So if they exchanged blood with a full blood they would turn into a full werewolf. not that half man, half wolf hybrid. And vis versa. These change to the wolf they exchanged blood with. They also gain the physical and mental abilities after exchanging blood or being bitten.