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What do Wild Mustangs eat?

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WHAT DO WILD mustangs eat when they are on diet?


What mustangs eat in the wild?

They eat in the wild is hay, leftover food found on the ground

Where do you get facts about wild mustangs?

Google information about wild mustangs

How much do mustangs eat?

In the wild horses will graze up to 20 hours a day.

Are there wild mustangs in Canada?

Of corse not!! Wild mustangs are only found in the United States. Althouth wild mustangs came from Canada the Government moved them all to America because the mustangs were eating all the food that was grown.

Where are wild mustangs?

Wild mustangs? Well, there might be some in Colorado? But there are not really many left.

What food do mustangs horses eat?

it all depends if it is wild or not. if the mustang is wild it relies on bushes, wild grass, and trees. if the mustang is not wild alfalfa, hay, or oats. :)

What are facts about wild mustangs?

their wild and active

How can you save wild mustangs?

We can make reservations for the mustangs or make it against the law to kill the mustangs.

What do the mustang horse eat?

In the wild, Mustangs eat grasses and other plants. When domesticated, they eat hay, grass, and sometimes grain or supplements.

Are wild mustangs domesticated?

most mustangs are not domesticated but some may be.

Survival facts about wild mustangs?

They need to have a stallion to lead the heard of mustangs .

Are mustangs bigger than domestic horses?

No, Mustangs are just wild horses.

Do mustangs eat meat?

NO. Mustangs, like most horses, do NOT eat meat, but rather eat GRASS.

How does a wild mustang obtains its food?

wild mustangs graze grass, wheat, etc. Also in the winter they eat tree bark and get water by eating snow

What wild mustang breeds are native to the Midwest?

Since now that mustangs are a breed unto themselves, all wild mustangs are the same breed.

Where in the world do wild mustangs live?

Many countries have wild mustangs. The United States has them in much of the west, like Nevada. Australia also have wild mustanags. They call them brumbies.

How big can wild mustangs get?

21 HH ;)

Where do wild mustangs live?

In the American Northwest

What kind of horses survive in the wild?


What do you call Wild horses that roam?


What is a herd of wild horses called?


Are mustangs a breed?

Yes. They are wild horses. There are different types of mustangs though-ex: Spanish Barb mustangs are of Andalusian and Lusitano decent

What do mustangs horses like to eat?

Mustangs like to eat Grass and some non poisonous weeds.

Has mustangs always been ford?

NO, In the early days prior to 1965 all mustangs were wild and lived mostly in the southwest US. Originally from Europe, the mustangs were a product of wild horses interbreeding with Asian horses.