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What do women wear in Israel?


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Israel is divided into 2 major groups:

Nonreligious jew:

Dressed like every American/European women

religious jew:

Usually long skirt with long sleeves shirt

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Women in Israel don't have a specific costume, the majority of women wear western style clothes. Religiously observant women will dress modestly, in skirts and long sleeved tops that cover their collar bones.

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There is no such one . the men do not have one too . you can wear what ever you want. but if you religious Jew you maybe wear traditional clothing like the religious Muslims wear .

people in Israel wear clothes likes us or some wear tradtional clothing.

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Women have had the vote since Israel's independence in 1948. So have Arab / Palestinian citizens of Israel, including men and women.

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It depends on the woman. Secular Jewish and non-Jewish women in Israel dress the same as in most western countries. Orthodox Jewish women dress modestly, and if they are married, the cover their hair as well. More religious Arab Israeli women, especially the older generation, wear dresses that cover their whole bodies and the hijaab over their hair.

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Non-Orthodox women in Israel dress the same as in most western countries. Orthodox women dress modestly, and if they are married, the cover their hair as well.

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