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Q: What do worms in your bottom look like?
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What do wood worms look like?

What do wood worms look like

What do lung worms look like?

they look like tape worms just in your lungs.

What do cats worms look like?

what to look for in cats stool for worms

What does capillaries look like?

they look like worms

Does chlamydia look like worms?

Chlamydia does not look like worms. It's caused by a microscopic bacterium.

Does Bacteria look like worms?

Every bacterium is unique. Some do look like worms, some look like lunar landing modules, and some look like octopuses.

Why do worms look like people?

They are like that/

Where do catobler worms come from?

What does Cato ler worms look like

How worms look like?

i gusse they llok like you

What do capillaries look like?

capillaries look a bit like worms in our body

Are there worms in the ocean?

yes, but some creatures look like worms but aren't

What are worms that look like spaghetti?


What do flatworms look like?

squashed worms :)

What do catobler worms look like?


What do jungle worms look like?


What does worms in a dog look like?

Worms in dogs have a rice-like similarity. They also can look like cooked spaghetti, as well, ad most are not harmful for dogs.

Why are worms called worms?

Simply because they look like worms. Even the first person to discover one noticed that. They even taste like worms and is not a part of my cusine.

What does a bottom look like?

A bottom looks like a bottom it is just that simple

What does pasta look like?

it look like worms people say but i thin yellow strings

Why does it look like little white worms are in the cooked pinto beans are they worms or the inside of the bean?

Without actually seeing the "worms", it is hard to be certain. They could be worms, but they could be part of the cotyledon, plumule or radicle. See Related Links. Try breaking apart a bean to see if any parts of the embryo look like your "worms".

What do innkeeper worms look like?

Penises. Seriously.

What do moth larvae look like?

grubs or worms

What does a picvture of worms in dog poop look like?

Those are called tape worms. If Your dog has tape worms, Take it to the vet.

What do worms look like that eat flowers?

Caterpillar-like and larva-like is the look of worms that eat flowers. Flower-eating worms typically represent a juvenile stage in insects. They often show vivid coloration in terms of lepidopterans such as butterflies and moths.

What do inchworms look like as babies?

they look like a tiny worm that's why they are called inch worms