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Pups or Guinea piglets.

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Q: What do you call a baby guinea pig?
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What if your Guinea Pig has just had a baby - what call a vet or what?

What if your Guinea Pig has just had a baby - what call a vet or what?

What is a baby guniea pig called?

a baby guinea pig is known as a Pup. (though never a puppy)

What do you call a baby Animal that is part Mouse and part Guinea Pig?

A science experiment. There is no such thing as a mouse/guinea pig. =]

What are the mother father and and baby pigs called?

A unaltered male pig is called a boar, an altered male pig is a barrow. A female pig that has not given birth is called a gilt and a female pig that has given birth is called a sow. Baby pigs are piglets collectively.

Can you hold your guinea pig if it just had a baby?

when my guinea pig had babies i held her and she was fine

What if your guinea pig ate half her baby?

One would be crying and throwing his or her guinea pig

How do you speak baby guinea pig?

you can't. unless you have a trained guinea pig that somehow can talk to the baby and say what you want to tell it.

Can you use Pantene shampoo on your guinea pig?

Sure as slong as it doesn't get into his eyes

What do you call a desexed guinea pig?

A male desexed Guinea Pig is called "Neutered", and a female desexed Guinea Pig is known as "Spayed".

Should you deliver the baby if the guinea pig is bleeding and not having them on her own?

i need help with my guinea pig

Can another mum guinea pig take on a rejected baby guinea pig from another mum?


Will a male guinea pig hurt baby guinea pig?

no, if its the father the male usually helps the mother.