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What do you call a baptist minister Do you call him Pastor Smith Reverend Smith Mr Smith?


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Pastor Smith.


Never Reverend, sometimes Brother, but usually Pastor. It varies a little between churches and individuals as to how they wish to be known. In some cases, they would be referred to as Dr. if they have a PhD in ministry/theology.


But you shouldn't call someone a doctor if they don't have a doctorate, though many elderly preachers are known to have been given honorary doctorates due to their generosity to a particular school.


Also, sometimes, Preacher Smith, or (say his first name is...Bob) you would say Preacher Bob. It depends on how formal the church is, how the pastor feels about it, and sometimes how young the pastor is.


Usually the Pastor/Preacher of the church lets you know what to call them. Most Baptist Pastor/Preacher will correct you or suggest that you call them one or the other, as far as I know, I have never heard one being called Minister or Brother by a congregation member. Now if you are also a Pastor/Preacher or another one is speaking to one, they usually call each other Brother.

To clarify on the one above:

I can't speak for churches and congregations in other places, but here in the south, it is extremely common for the congregation to call their mininster "Brother Joe". Actually, I have never even heard any member of a congregation to address or to refer to their minister as anything but "Brother Joe", especially with Baptist, Pentecostal, non-denominational, among others.

As for addressing or referring to them as "Doctor", there are quite a large number of ministers who do have a Ph.D in ministry/theology, and it is quite common to address and refer to them as "Doctor Smith".

Furthermore, "Reverend" is often thought by many to be reserved for God and Jesus, since they are the only ones to actually be revered.