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Any animal that walks on four legs is called a quadruped. Quadrupedal dinosaurs include ceratopsians (like Triceratops), sauropods (like Brontosaurus [correctly called Apatosaurus], stegosaurs (dinosaurs with triangular "plates" on their back), ankylosaurs (armored herbivorous dinosaurs), and hadrosaurs (although they could also walk on two legs. An animal that walks on two legs is called a biped).

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Q: What do you call a dinosaurs that walks with the four legs?
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What were dinosaurs that walked on four legs called?

Any animal that walks on four legs is called quadrupedal. Quadrupedal dinosaurs include sauropods, stegosaurs, ceratopsians, and ankylosaurs. Hadrosaurs could were usually quadrupedal, but could walk, stand, or run on two legs.

How many legs in monkey?

none it has four arms. It walks on its back arms (what we would call its legs)

What do you call a dinosaur that walks on two legs?

Any animal that walks on two legs is called bipedal. However, most dinosaurs that only walked on two legs belonged to the group known as theropods, whose species were usually meat eaters. Some small plant eating dinosaurs were also bipedal, but because they were not all directly related, they do not all fall under the same group name. A few dinosaurs (particularly hadrosaurs and iguanodonts) usually walked on four legs, but stood on two legs in order to scan for danger or to run.

What do you call a dinosaur that walks on 4 legs?

There is no particular classification for 4-legged dinosaurs. Any 4-legged animal is a quadruped.

what walks on four legs, then on two legs, then on three legs?

a baby crawls on four legs, then a boy walks on two legs and then an old man walks on three legs because he has a cane

Do all the carnivore dinosaurs walk on four legs?

No. all carnivorous dinosaurs walked on two legs.

Do dinosorious have four knees?

No. Actually, the elephant is the only animal with four knees.

What walks on 4 legs?

The triceratops. All the long neck dinosaurs such as Brachiosaurus

How does triceratops moves?

it walks on four legs

What has four legs then two legs then three legs?

Human. Crawls on 4, walks on 2, and later walks with a cane 3....

Are there any carnivores that walk on 4 legs?

No carnivorous dinosaurs walked on four legs. Some famous carnivorous reptiles that predate dinosaurs are often mistakenly called dinosaurs. An example is the Dimetrodon.

What were the four legged meat eating dinosaurs?

There were no four legged, meat eating dinosaurs. However, some large, carnivorous reptiles that had four legs existed before dinosaurs. Examples include the gorgonopsids and Dimetrodon.