What do you call a dried plum?

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In the U.S., a dried plum used to be called a prune. The California Plum Board requested a name change when research showed that "prune" had a negative impact.
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What is the turquoise resin material called that is appled liqued but dries hard?

Answer . It sounds like you mean the "Liquid Patina" that is applied to copper or brass to give them an antique look. If you could be more specific about what you are applying the liquid to, maybe I could be more help. . For resins with turquoise additive, try www.inlaceonline.com.. The onl ( Full Answer )

What did the DRI do?

They performed and recorded music for their fans. They are a punk music group. The name is short for Dirty Rotten Imbeciles.

What is a wild plum?

It is a plum that fights for its freedom and lives in the jungle. It's a silvester fruit, and when it's caught, it can bite you. Many people in the world think that when you eat a wild plum they can get sick, but it's a legend.

What types of plums are there?

There are many different types of plums which can be found in a wide variety of colours and sizes. The most common plums are: the Damson or Damask Plum (oval shaped with yellow-green flesh, and dark blue to indigo skin, Mirabelle (small, oval shaped, smooth-textured flesh, and flecked dark yellow co ( Full Answer )

Are dates dried plums?

A date is the edible fruit of the date palm tree. Dried plums are called prunes.

What is plum island?

Plum Island Newbury MA Plum Island is a barrier island off the Atlantic coast of Massachusetts, at Newburyport, MA. It includes the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, home to nearly 800 species of birds. Plum Island NY The more "famous" Plum Island (formerly Plumb Island) is off Long Isla ( Full Answer )

What is sun dried brick clay called?

Adobe is sun dried brick clay. It's the Spanish word for "mudbrick." Structures made from adobe are very durable, with greatthermal mass in hot climates. Slow drying of this brick in theshade reduces cracking.

What is a hog plum?

Go to this link and it will tell you about them and show you them.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spondias_mombin

Is a female Yak called a Dri also known as a Nuk?

The word "nuk" probably relates to the Tibetan phrase "nak chug" which simply means "black livestock". This would include male and female yaks. It would also include the animal with the Tibetan name "dzo" which is cross between a yak and a cow (or bull).

Are there plums in plum pudding?

It depends. Plum Pudding often refers to Christmas Pudding which contains mincemeat. Strangely mincemeat consists of various dried fruits but not necessarily plums. (It does not contain meat!)

Why are you a plum?

because, unlike you i have better ambitions in life than writing stupid things on websites

What vitamins are in plums?

plums are a good source of vitamins A and C and potassium, but they have very little protein and only a trace of fat,

A dry plum is called?

A dry plum used to be called a prune. In 2000, the name was officially changed to 'dry plums' in order to make the fruit more appealing.

What is a small dried grape called?

well it depends what you mean. a small dried grape could be a raisin. well it depends what you mean. a small dried grape could be a raisin. it could also be a sultana. The three major varieties of dried grape in order of size are - currants (black grape), sultanas and raisins (both white grapes) ( Full Answer )

What family are plums in?

Plums are related to cherry trees. They are in the same Genus Prunus .\n. \nAnswer.\nPlums belong to Prunus domestica the garden plum. Eating cherries are bred from Prunus Avium.

What do you call a dried calabash gourd or coconut shell filled with seeds or dried beans?

The percussion instruments, maracas, are dried gourds, or sacs of leather, or balls of wood, clay or plastic, filled with seeds, frequently with one pitched higher than the other, and usually with handles. They are usually played in pairs with one or more held in either or both hands. The word mara ( Full Answer )

What are light green plums called?

There are several varieties of light green plums:. Green Gage aka Reine Claude . Robusto . Emerald Beaut . Bavay Gage . Wickson . Kelsey .

When are plums ripe?

When, if you press down lightly on the plum with your finger, the finger can press down on the skin. If the plum's skin remains firm and solid, the fruit probably isn't ripe.

Talking about dried herbal leaves with pharmaceutic effect can you call that an herbal drug?

There is nothing to say you can not refer to dried herbal leaves as herbal drugs, however, many herbal treatments (with pharmaceutical effect) are in the form of tinctures, infusions, poultices, oils, seeds, bark, and fresh leaves, flowers, and roots. Also, most people use the word "drug" to refer ( Full Answer )

Why is dried grass called hay?

It is not known when or who invented the word hay, but it is a type of feed used to feed livestock such as horses, cattle, sheep and goats.

Why was the JJ Thomsom model of the atom called the plum pudding model?

In Thomson's "Plum Pudding Model" each atom was a sphere filled with a positively charged fluid. The fluid was called the "pudding." Scattered in this fluid were electrons known as the "plums." The radius of the model was 10-10 meters. Thomson suggested that the positive fluid held the negative c ( Full Answer )

What do you call a dried bull balls sack?

In the early 1980s, I purchased a pair of dried bull bulls balls from a shop in New Mexico. There was a tag on it that called them "bullies". The balls are empty and it has a leather strap at the top. The strap is used to hang the balls on your wall. The tag on it listed things that could be ( Full Answer )

Plum or plumb?

A plum is a delicious fruit. Plumb refers to a wall that is straight up and down. It is 90 degrees from the ground. It does not lean, otherwise it is out of plumb. Plumbing refers to the pipes used to bring water into a building and take waste water away from it.

Can dogs have plums?

Yes! My dog eats all most everything I eat. He will not eat hot or spicy food.

What is lava called when it dries?

Lava does not dry, but solidifies from cooling, much as water turns to ice. Erupted lava solidifies into extrusive igneous rock.

What does it mean if a man calls you a plum?

It is a general term that might mean something like "you're a keeper; you are good at what you do, or skilled at something, or a good person". It doesn't have an extremely strong connotation of relationship or sexual interest, but it might be the beginning of that kind of thing. It's very compliment ( Full Answer )

What was the picture story called in On the Banks of Plum Creek?

It wasn't called anything in particular, unless you want to call it "the bird". It occurs in the chapter "The Day of Games", when Ma tells a story about a pond with fish jumping out of it, illustrating each element as she goes along - the finished picture being a bird.

What do you call the dried crust in the eye?

Rheum is the proper term for the crust on the mouth, nose, and eyes. A type of rheum is gound and is specific to the eyes. Slang words meaning gound is sleepydust, eye goop, or sleepys.

What is called as dried sage in Telugu?

Sage is called Dharba in Telugu and Bui tulasi in Bengali. Sage isa spice that is used in cooking and Indian recipes and can bepurchased at most markets.

How much dried lemon grass do you need in a recipe that calls for fresh lemon grass?

You would need about a quarter of dried lemon grass by weight compared to fresh lemon grass. The problem is that dried lemon grass tends to be woody, and cannot be added whole to a recipe as you would with fresh lemon grass. The only way to get decent results is to make an extract (a very strong tea ( Full Answer )

What is natal plum called in Hindi?

Kaland. It is a red berry, very tasty which grows on a thorny but pretty bush. It is from Karaunda (carissa) family. Its leaves are dense and dark green and white flowers have a pleasant orangelike aroma. The whole plant is poisonous except the fruit.

What is another name for a dried plum?

A prune; but the word prune doesn't sound as appealing as dried plum so they are starting to change it to make the prune look better.

How do you preserve plums?

Plums may be preserved by canning, freezing, or drying. You should always follow a reliable guide, such as those published by the USDA, for the correct procedure for preserving any fruit or vegetable.

What does plum mean?

It is an edible fruit, grown on trees with a sweet or sour taste, depending on its species.

Where can you find a plum?

Plums may have been one of the first fruits to be domesticated by humans and there are two species - the hexaploid European plum and the diploid Japanese plum. They are found around the world, but do best where the weather is between USDA Hardiness Zone 3-10 depending on the variety. What is imp ( Full Answer )

Why are you not getting plums from your plum tree?

The plum is one of those fruits that perform best when there is another variety nearby for cross-pollination. Otherwise, the tree will either have no fruit or fruit that is small and bitter. Also, keep in mind that there are "flowering plums" that are grown only for their spring beauty and do not ( Full Answer )

What is a sentence for plum?

A plum is a type of fruit.. The pie had a plum on top of it.. This is a plum tree..

What is a sugar plum?

Interestingly, it's not what the name suggests-- it's not a plum in a sugar syrup, and it has little relationship to fruit at all. It's actually a kind of candy. You may have heard the expression "sugar plum" mentioned in the poem "'Twas The Night Before Christmas," which was written in the early ( Full Answer )