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I'm not totally sure, but I think that it's just a key change!

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What do you call when you change a melody's key?

You call it "modulation".

The purpose of modulation within a piece of music is to?

The purpose of modulation within a piece of music is to change key.

When was Passage Key National Wildlife Refuge created?

Passage Key National Wildlife Refuge was created in 1905.

How do you change a Lexus key?

call Meakado Tech In Gillroy CA

Does a sharp in the key signature last for the entire song?

Yes, unless otherwise noted on the sheet music by a key change.

What is the area of Passage Key National Wildlife Refuge?

The area of Passage Key National Wildlife Refuge is 258,998.8110336 square meters.

Is it a key change when your voice goes from low to high in a song?

As always, in music, the low and high of all the notes. it's understandable that from low note to high note, you have to change the key.

The music key which sounds happy?

Music written in a major key sounds happy. Music written in a minor key sounds sad.

How do you play one missed call on piano?

A person can learn to play the piano, obtain and learn the sheet music to One Missed Call. Then they play the music by pressing the right key note on the right beat.

When was Music is the Key created?

Music is the Key was created on 2003-11-03.

What term is used when a key change occurs during a piece of music?

Going from one key to another during the same song is called " modulation", or "modulating".

Which key element contained in Baroque music did Classical music leave out?

which key element contained in the Baroque music that classical music left out

When was Music in the Key of Om created?

Music in the Key of Om was created in 2003-08.

What is atonality?

Atonality is a style of music played without a key, or the concept of music without a key.

What is definition of key term?

A word that serves as a key, as to the meaning of another word, sentence, passage, etc.

What key in music has 2 sharps?

The key of D.

What is a special key?

It is a key that can only be found in mistery gifts you use this special key to unlock a secret passage in the galactic HQ in enternia city. if you have a rotom in your party then the secret passage will lead to this room were there will be a washing machine a lawn mower a fan a toaster and a refridgerator you talk to the machines and it will say rotom wants to go into the certain machines if you let it in then it will change it's type and form.

How do you set up an approach paper?

u write the MLA heading, then the summary paragraph, 4 character descriptions, 3 discussion/essay questions, key passage, & the key passage explanation.

Is samba music normally in major key or minor key?

major key

What is it called when you change the key of a song from major to minor?

when you change key it is called transposing. but when you remain in the same key but change from major to minor ( or any other change within the key) it is called 'change of mode'

Why do composers write a piece of music then give it different keys?

The use of different keys in a piece of music allow the sound and overall mood of the piece to change. The use of modulation (the section of the piece where the key starts to change, or modulate) propels the music forward, giving it life and lift.

What is accurately in music?

On key.

How do you change the battery in a Porsche key?

To change the battery in a Porsche key, first remove the emergency key and the cover on the back of the key housing. Change the battery and replace the cover and emergency key.

Who was a key performer in pop music?

i think Michael Jackson,shakira and akon are the key performers in pop music.

Is there a music box that can be open with a key necklace?

Yes. Google: "Music box with key", and you should find results.

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