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Q: What do you call a male antelope?
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What is a name of an antelope that ends with the letter k?

A Buck is a male antelope.

What is the offspring of an antelope?

Calf is what they call an offspring of an antelope.

Is an antelope male or female?

Antelopes are a type of deer that have males and females. A female antelope is called a doe and the male is called a buck.

What is a baby antelope call?

A baby Antelope is called a Kid.A young antelope is called a calf

What do you call a striped antelope?

A bongo.

What do you call a small African antelope beginning with i?

A small African antelope beginning with the letter I is an Imu.

What do you call a pig mixed with an antelope?


What species has a horned male but not female?

- Moose - Deer - Antelope

How does the antelope's hoofed feet help it to survive?

It aids the species in reproduction, the male's will you use them to engage in the act of coitus with the female antelope.

How much does a pronghorn antelope weigh?

The adult Pronghorn Antelope's weight varies from the male to the female, the the female slightly lighter than the male. The male weighs from about 40 to 60 kg and the females weigh around 40 to 50 kg.

How can you tell a male antelope from a female?

All you need to do is ask its owners

What animal is called the desert antelope?

In North America that would be the pronghorn, sometimes call antelope. However, it is not a true antelope. It does inhabit deserts in the southwest United States.