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The indigenous natives of Australia are referred to as "Aboriginals". They refer to themselves as "Koorie" (The People).

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Q: What do you call a native Australian?
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Is the Emu a native Australian animal?

The emu is a native Australian bird.

Is a gallah a native Australian animal?

Almost.The galah is a native Australian bird.

Is a Koala a Native Australian Endangered Animal?

Koalas are native Australian animals, but they are not classified as "endangered".

Is the whale shark a native Australian animal?

Whale sharks are native to Australian waters, as well as to waters elsewhere.

Is a magpie a native animal?

The Australian magpie is native to Australia.

What is the Australian dingo?

the Australian dingo is the only native dog to Australia.

What Native australian animals begin with a?

Australian Fur Seal and Australian Pelican are animals in Australia. The Australian Magpie is another Australian animal.

American call it wildfire.What do Australian call it?

The Australian term for a wildfire is bushfire.

Are the Achilpa native Australian people?


Is a budgie an Australian native?

Yes. Budgies are native to Australia alone.

Is a fish a native Australian animal?

a fish is an ausrtalian native animal

When was Australian Native Plants Society - Australia - created?

Australian Native Plants Society - Australia - was created in 1957.

What do you call an Australian man?

You would call him a man. The Australian slang for a man is "bloke".

Is a goanna a native Australian animal?

The goanna is a native Australian reptile. One variety of central Australia is known as the perentie by the indigenous people.

Are magpies native to Australia?

Yes. The Australian Magpie is a distinct, native species.

Is a maple tree a native Australian tree?

No. Maple trees are not native to Australia.

Is a dragon fruit tree a native Australian tree?

No. The dragonfruit is not native to Australia.

What is an Australian nut?

The only commercially grown Australian native nut is the Macadamia Nut.

What is the difference between native Americans and Australian aboriginals?

ones American ones Australian

Is a wombat not Australian?

no, wombats are native to Australia

Are cicadas native to Australia?

yes they are australian

Is a koala an Australian native animal?

Yes. Koalas are Australian native animals. They are endemic to Australia, meaning they are not found in the wild in any other country.

Is honeybee an Australian native animal?

No, honeybees are not native to Australia. They were introduced to the continent in 1822.

Are dugongs Australian?

Yes. Dugongs are native to many parts of the world, including Australian waters.

What does aborigne mean?

An aborigine is an Australian version of a native person from the beginning of Australian from the beginning of time