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Kansans A person from Kansas is called a Kansan.

Or a Jayhawk

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Q: What do you call a person from Kansas?
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What do call a person from Kansas?


Why do they call Kansas the sunflower state?

Because sunflowers grow mostly in Kansas.

Who is one famous person from Kansas?

The Famous person in kansas is Thomas Hart Benton and Amellia Earhart

What do you call someone from Kansas?

it depends on the person. some could be called stupid. others smart. some ugly. others pretty.

If someone from Texas is a Texan what do you call someone from Kansas or Massachusetts?

A person from Kansas is a Kansan. The nickname for a Kansan is a Jayhawk. Massachusetts is called the Baystate Some people use Baystaters

Are there any important people in Kansas?

pansas mansas was an important person in kansas

What do you call people who live in Kansas?


What did the Kansas-Nebraska Act call for?

It called for the residents of Kansas and Nebraska vote to decide the issue of slavery.

What is the airport closest to Kansas City Kansas?

KCI is the closest, but it is properly named MCI. Most people call it KCI. It is in Kansas City, Missouri.

What is a person born in topeka from?


What would you call someone that lives in Kansas?


If a person from Kansas is a Kansan and a person from Texas is a Texan is a person from Idaho an Idahoer?

No, a person from Idaho is an Idahoan.

Why can't you call Arkansas ar-kansas?

because people will laugh and call you ar-stupid.

Who is the richest person in Kansas?

Charles & David Koch

Who invented the dial phone and when did he or she do it?

A person that was from Kansas

What you call person who fixes light?

What you call person who fixes light

What do you call the person that you murdered?

You call the person a victim.

Who is the only president from Kansas?

Dwight D. Eisenhower, born in Texas, was the only US President to call Kansas home.

Is it against the law for a debt collector to call you on Sunday in Kansas?


What state did Dorothy call home in The Wizard of Oz?


What state do the Jayhawks call home?


What do you call an artist that sings lyrics?

You can call that person a "singer" or you can call that person a "vocalist."

How do you do three way on a phone?

You call the person, then u call the other person, then u call the first person back.

Why did they call kansas bleeding during this time?

Prior to Kansas joining the Union, the Kansas Territory was a hotbed of violence and chaos between abolitionists and pro-slavery settlers. Kansas was known as Bleeding Kansas as these forces collided.

What do you call a person from whom you are descended?

You call such a person an ancestor.