What do you call a person who can read ultrasound?


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An ultrasound technician.

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No, it's still called an ultrasound or a sonogram.

The first ultrasound was invented during the 1960s. The person who is accredited for inventing the ultrasound is George Kossoff.

A literate person. Someone who cannot read and write is called illiterate.

A person can get ultrasound technology training from any college or university that specializes in ultrasound technology training. Visit a college or university.

Someone who cannot read or write is called illiterate. On time

I suggest you ask the person who did the ultrasound as I have never heard this.

What people may call "an ultrasound" usually refers to an "ultrasound scan", and implies, in pregnancy, that an ultrasound scanner will be used to image the foetus inside the womb and check for his health. This must be performed by a trained user, a physician or a radiologist.

No one is able to hear ultrasound; the frequency of the sound used is far higher than the audible limit of any person or animal. A sonographer will conduct an ultrasound. Ultrasound in the same way that bats navigate - by listening to echos. ultrasound is reflected in propotion to the density of soft tissues. an ultrasound displays the results of these echos.

The Ultrasound technicians are also called as ultrasonographers or diagnostic medical sonographers. In order to get the job of ultrasound technician, you must successfully complete an ultrasound technician course from a recognized institution or hospital. You must also get proper training and experience in this field. This article provides an overview of Ultrasound technician job description, and the responsibilities & duties of ultrasound technicians. Read more at ""

You probably wont find any ultrasound schools online because it is all hands-on material. Of course you have to read and take test, but you cannot become an Ultrasound Tech without being shown how to do it hands-on.

Ultrasound results generally take a week to get back to the doctor who requested the ultrasound. If ten days go by and there has been no news, you should call them.

There are some ultrasound courses online. It depends what type of ultrasound instruction you are looking for. There probably will be even more online offerings in the future.

Bibliophile might be the word you're looking for. A bibliophile is one who loves books.

Third person: "He read the book".Second person: "You read the book."First person: "I read the book."

There is no word for this, but it's common occurrence in language acquisition.

The person who leads prayers during religious services is called a Cantor.

Ultrasound is cyclic sound pressure with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing. This frequency varies from person to person, it is approximately 20 kilohertz (20,000 hertz). This is the lower limit in describing ultrasound.

you should be able to....I heard mine on ultrasound at 7 weeks, then at 9 weeks and again last week at 10 weeks! Maybe the person giving you the ultrasound was not experienced enough to do it!

I have read that at 16 weeks, the baby's gender can be already seen via ultrasound, though it is said that it is oftenly done in the 20th week. I have read that at 16 weeks, the baby's gender can be already seen via ultrasound, though it is said that it is oftenly done in the 20th week.

Hello, Blood can be difficult to see on a ultrasound. Picture a ultrasound picture, the images are grey and hazy. Also if you are 4 weeks pregnant the pregnancy would not be visible on a ultrasound scan until you were 6 weeks pregnant. The only person who can accurately and thoroughly read a ultrasound is a Radiographer or a Obstetrician Doctor. I would make a appointment with your Doctor, have a pregnancy blood test performed and book a ultrasound scan for 2-3 weeks time. You need a quantitative beta HCG blood test to measure the level of HCG in your blood which will also tell you if your pregnancy is viable. Good luck.

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