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What do you call a poem writer?

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What do you call of a writer of a poem?


When refering to a poem what do you call the writer?


What do you call the writer of a poem intended to be sung?


Which best explains why a writer might use repetition?

to call attention to a particular element in a poem

Who is the writer of Odyssey?

The Greek epic poem writer, Homer.

Who is writer thora stowell?

Thora Stowell is a poem writer.

What is the name of a poem writer?


Who is the writer of this poem?

Rudyard kipling

You want to know the author of Hindi poem-panna ka tyaga?

i am writer and i want to job of Hindi poem writer.

Who was drseuss?

A famous Poem writer and Author

Who is the writer of poem Matilda?

Hilaire Belloc

What are the literary devices for the poem 'The Voice' by Thomas Hardy?

in the first line the writer uses repetition when he reapeats "call to me" twice

When did Seamus Heaney write the poem The Call?

1996, and the poem is called 'A Call', not 'The Call'.

In tamilnadu when the document writer exams call for?

when your call for document writer exam

Poem of paying call by Thomas Hady?

poem paying call by Thomas Hardy poem paying call by Thomas Hardy

What shall you call your poem book?

you could call it 'my poem book'

What does anon mean at the end of a poem?

It means anonymous. The writer does not want to be known or the writer is not known.

What did phyllis wheatley do?

phyllis wheatley was a poem writer

How can i introduce a poem?

to give its title,writer,and about what it is talking

Name list of poem writer?

hi who are you hahahahahaha

Does terence winch the poem writer have a wife?


Who is thora stowell?

Thora Stowell is a Poem Writer :)

What do you call a writer in French?

A writer in French is an "écrivain".

What do you call a rhyming poem?

a rhyming poem

What do you call a long poem?

epic poem