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Q: What do you call a quality or characteristics of a living thing?
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What do we call any living thing?

We call anything that is alive an organism.

What is something that has all characteristics of life?

A living being. You can call it an organism too.

What do you call a non living thing in an ecosystem?

a biotic factor

What do you call a living thing with a back bone?

i think it is a vertebrates

What do you call a living thing that a virus or parasite lives on?

A host.

What do you call a living thing?

A living thing is called an organism. Organisms grow or develop. They produce energy and have a metabolism. They are built of cells.

What do you call it when you give human traits to a non living thing?


What do you call genetic code in living thing?

DNA or sometimes RNA

Why is it not really correct to call a virus a microbe?

It is incorrect to call a virus a microbe because a microbe is a living organism, while a virus is not. Viruses do not exhibit all the characteristics necessary to be classified as a living organism.

What do you call a place where you find living thing interacting with each other?


Why do you call cell living things?

Every cell is a living thing. The cell is the basic unit of structure and function of all living things.

What do you call a thing that dont have veins?

well if it has veins then it is a living animal or human, if it is like a rock, tree, flower, car, nut, computer, shoe, clothes, anything that is not living has no veins.