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Corn on the cop.

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What do you call a sore on a police officer's foot?

Corn on the cop

Can you put sore in a sentences?

I have a sore on my foot.

How do you use the word foot in a sentence?

I have a sore foot

What part of speech is sore?

Sore is an adjective and a noun. Adjective: I have sore feet. Noun: He has a sore on the bottom of his foot.

What do you call a pony with a sore throat?

a little hoarse

What are sores on soles of feet?

Athlete's foot is one sore on soles of the foot.

What do you hear in a mountain?

hitlers sore foot

How do you heal a sore foot?

There is many ways to have a hurt foot. If you want to heal a sore foot you should probaly put your foot on pillows and make sure it is above only a little above your heart. Then while your foot is hurting take maybe a pain relief. There is tylenol, aleve, and many more pain relievers. Also putting a warm rag or clothe on your sore foot really helps the soreness and pain go away.

Why when you have a sore throat or runny nose they call it a cold?

Yes, they call it a cold.

What to do when you hurt a heel?

Rest and keep your weight off the sore foot if you have to walk.

What are major homeostatic imbalances of the skin?

imbalances such as cold sore, athletes foot,

What do you call a pus-filled sore?


What do you call a mare with a sore throat?

A hoarse horse.

What do you call a hawk in its first year?


How do you walk on a sore foot?

Type your answer here... you put toes in the air and walk on your ankle

Sore gum after tooth extraction?

Your gums will be sore for a few days after an extraction. You may want to call your dentist to get a prescription for the pain.

How do you say my sister has a sore foot in french?

ma sœur a mal au pied

How can the pain of sore feet be treated at home?

The most common way to treat sore feet is with a warm foot bath. Usually short soaks of up to 30 minutes in lukewarm or warm, not hot, water will bring some relief to sore and aching feet. Foot lotion, if available can also be applied. If not, a simple foot lotion can be made with aloe vera and a thickening agent like cornstarch and some water.

Can you get headaches from adult molars?

Possibly. If they are sore call your dentist and ask.

What to do if car sits in front of your door for months?

I'm assuming the car does not belong to you, but to one of your neighbors. You can report the car as abandoned/eye sore and report it to your neighborhood watch/local police force (don't call 911).

How do shoes help us in life?

They help the arch of your foot, and they prevent athletes foot, fungus, sore feet, scabs, and all other "boo boos".

What do you call time that belongs to us homophone?

our, hour

Why is Kittens foot sore?

don't know x go and ask a vet x like you should

What episode did cara Gosselin go to the hospital because of her sore foot?

Season 5 Episode 12

What has the author Daniel M McGann written?

Daniel M. McGann has written: 'The doctor's sore foot book' -- subject(s): Care and hygiene, Diseases, Foot