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a very very expencive class wtering hoes

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What do you call a glass building for growing plants?

A glass building, or structure, that is used for growing plants is called a greenhouse.

What is a closed glass container with earth in it for growing plants starting with terra?


What kind of glass tank holdes living water animals or plants?

Aquarium holds living water animals or plants.

What's the difference between a glass house and a green house?

A greenhouse is a house that is used for growing plants or to maintain the growing environment for plants. The glasshouse is a synonym of the greenhouse.

What is raising a toast?

The raising of a glass to salute someone.

Why are the features of a greenhouse which makes it good for growing plants?

because its glass panels trap sunlight.

What is the name of transparent glass or plastic cover used for growing delicate plants?

cloche or bell jar

What is the name of a glass container where plants are grown?

A greenhouse which is used to grow plants anytime than it own period growth and its enviroment like growing tropical plants in a cold place

What is a drinking toast?

Raising a glass and drinking in honor of someone or something.

What do glass plants do?

Glass manufacturing plants manufacture glass. It comes in the forms of the sheets and plates we are used to, but they also make all the glass containers and cookware we have. Use the links below to learn about glass and glass making.

What is an aquarium?

a container (as a glass tank) or an artificial pond in which living aquatic animals or plants are kept,an establishment where aquatic organisms are kept and exhibited

What can volcanoes do to harm the earth?

Its the lava the spills out of the volcano and burns everything and turns the water into glass and kills the plants and animals and human beings.

Where to buy glass animals?

motel do really good quality glass animals and they're quite cheap.

Where can one purchase miniature glass animals?

The site that many can purchase miniature glass animals is online with miniusa site. They have many unique & cute miniature glass animals people seek.

What has the author Evelyn Zemel written?

Evelyn Zemel has written: 'American glass animals, A to Z' -- subject(s): Catalogs, Glass animals, Glass figurines

Why is a greenhouse made from glass?

this makes possible for the sunlight to reach the plants inside. This makes it easier for the glass to project sunlight through the glass helping the plants inside grow while at the same time it protects the plants.

Do glass pitchers come from plants?


What is is an aquarium?

1. a glass-sided tank, bowl, or the like, in which fish or otherliving aquatic animals or plants are kept.2. a building or institution in which fish or other aquatic animalsor plants are kept for exhibit, study, etc.

Can a mountain lion break through thick glass?

Of course. Most animals can smash through glass, glass is quite weak even thick heavy plate glass, and mountain lions are ferocious animals that can easily shatter the strongest glass window.

Could plants and animals survive an apocalypse like super volcanic eruption if stayed inside glass structures with artificial sunlight habitable atmospheres etc?

They would not be able to survive because the lava is able to burn down glass.

Where can one purchase Murano glass animals?

Murano glass animals are available from the internet auction site eBay. They are also available from the Murano glass company's website. They may also be available on sites that sell glass products.

What effect does glass not being thrown away have on animals?

The animals might eat it

Can animals see through glass?


What has the author A D M Glass written?

A. D. M. Glass has written: 'Plant nutrition' -- subject(s): Effect of minerals on Plants, Nutrition, Plants

What inspired Peter benenson?

a newspaper article about two men in Portugal who were jailed for raising their glass to liberty