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What do you call a cell with organelles?

eukaryotic cell info from my biology textbook

Is a fat cell a prokaryotic or a eukaryotic cell?

A fat cell is a eukaryotic cell. All of the cells in a eukaryotic organism are eukaryotic.

What existed first on earth eukaryotic or prokaryotic cell?

Prokaryotic cell, likely what we call a archaebacteria.

What do eukaryotic do?

A eukaryotic cell is a cell that has nuclei.

Is the nerve cell a prokaryotic cell or a eukaryotic cell?


Is the cell of euglenda a prokaryotic cell or a eukaryotic cell?


What do you call a cell that has a nucleus?

A cell that has a true nucleus is an Eukaryotic. A Prokaryotic cell does not have it's chromosomes surrounded by a nuclear envelope.

Is paramecium a eukaryotic cell or a prokaryotic cell?


Are Giardia prokaryotic cell or eukaryotic cell?


Is the sperm cell Eukaryotic or Prokaryotic cell?


Is the cheek cell a prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

The cheek is a eukaryotic cell.

How do you know if it is a eukaryotic cell?

A eukaryotic cell has a centralized nucleus.

Hydra cell is prokaryotic cells or eukaryotic cell?


Does a eukaryotic cell have a nuclei?

Yes. A eukaryotic cell has a nucleus.

Is cytoplasm in eukaryotic cell?

yes,cytoplasm is in the eukaryotic cell

Is your cheek cells a prokaroyitic cell or eukaryotic cell?


Where do you find the vesicles in a eukaryotic cell?

IT is found in the eukaryotic cell

What do you call 2 new cells that form from one cell dividing?

mitosis or meiosis if the cell is a eukaryotic gamete.

Which type of eukaryotic cell has cell wall?

Only plants have a cell wall, which are eukaryotic.

What is in a eukaryotic animal cell?

An eukaryotic cell is a cell that contains membrane bound organelles.

Do the eukaryotic cell have a cell membrane?

Yes. Eukaryotic cells do have a cell membrane on the outside.

Is Eukaryotic Cell Are Cells That Are Surrounded By A Cell membrane?

Eukaryotic cells have cell membranes.

What are the three stages of the cell cycle in a eukaryotic cell?

what are the three stages of the cell cycle in a eukaryotic cell

In a eukaryotic cell where is most of the DNA located?

Nucleus Of The Eukaryotic Cell

Is endoplasmic reticulum eukaryotic cell?

is the endoplasmic reticulum an Eukaryotic cell?