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It is called a "pride" of lions.

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Lions are from Africa, they are a member of the big cats and the collective noun for the tiger is a pride of lions

lions predators are animals.lions eat animals that we call carnivore.

A group of lions is typically called a PRIDE.

I think you call them cubs.

Hunt it is what they call their pack

The phenomenon of lions riding bikes is called cartoon or animation

Yes, but they call them Pumas

lions and cheetahs, cheetahs are not as tough as lions so they need their speed to help them

Besides the roar, lions "chuff", snarl, growl, and even make a chirp like call.

Zoologist, a branch of biology or possibly ethologist (animal behavior)

Young lions do you mean? That's 'Cubs'.

My opinion is the referees call bad plays.

They shouldn't be called that because lions don't live in a forest, and sometimes, lions are called "king of the jungle". However, that saying is incorrect as lions don't live in jungles so the appropriate saying should be "king of the savanna".

Lions mainly eat meat, but might occassionally eat something that isn't meat (what we would call vegetarian).

the group of lions is called a pride they make a roaring sound

Most cats live solitary lives with the exception of lions. In this case it would be called a pack. A group of lions is called a pride.

No animal eats lions that is why they call it "King of the Jungle" or so. Unless people eat them. People are also considered animals.

They call the other lions from the pride and all eat that food because the lion who caught that food, doesn't want his pride to starve.

People because they are the noun that is calling lions the king of the jungle

only cougars/mountain lions, however you wish to call them

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