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What do you call a permanent increase in body size and dry mass of an organism from an increase in cell numbers?

You are describing growth.

What do you call a group of people forming a community?

the group of people forming a community that interacts together is called society.

What do you call reddish growth that covers the throat and neck of a turkey?

what do you call a reddish growth that covers the throat and neck of a turkey

What do you call Three letters forming a single sound?


What bond do you call a non metal and a metal forming?

It is called an ionic bond

What do you call this period of growth in boys and girls?


When alkali metals are heated with hydrongen they form?

we call them hydrides. Hydrides are forming by the reaction.

What year for boys does purtery start?

Puberty is what people call a change the kids grow through that causes their bodies to mature. For boys it can happen between the ages of 11 and 14 and will have symptoms of body hair growth and body odor.

What is the definition of a mid growth spurt?

In our adolescence years we have a growth spurt, but during our juvenile years we only have a small growth spurt therefore we call it a "mid growth spurt" as it is not fully a growth spurt seen in that of adolescence.

Why did he get cancer so young?

cancer can happen to any person at any point of time in his life. basically when the cell division becomes uncontrollable in the body, cells get accumulating forming a mass of cells which we call cancer

What do you call the growth of non-living things?


What do you call the short growth of hair left after shaving?


Call centers have career growth?

There is not much career growth in call centers. You can become a supervisor possibly or move on to a higher position in the company, but this is very rare due to the sheer number of workers.

What do forencics call a dead body?

The body or a corpse.

What do you call a lifeless body?

A dead body or corpse!

What do you call the growth of plants towards the light in response to gravity?

Growth of plants toward the light is called phototropism. Growth of plants in response to gravity is called geotropism or gravitropism.

What do you call a steady growth path?

Trend line e2020 HATER

What do you call the fleshy growth on the front of a turkeys head?

Comb or wattle .

What is a career growth to a call center agent?

it is a dead end job.

What do you call a chemical that affects how a plant grows and develops?

Growth hormones

What do you call it when our bodies don't produce enough growth hormone?


Give an easy definition for protoplanets?

A precursor to a planet. You could also call it an early stage in the formation of planets.

What do you call the bone framework of the body?

The "Skeleton" is the framework of the body.

What do you call extra bone growth in mouth?

mandibular tori-mostly harmless

What do you call a female adult growth?

A mature female horse is called a Mare.