What do you call it when salt water and fresh water mix?


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the entrance to the ocean


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It is quite easy to mix salt water and fresh water, which produces a more dilute form of salt water.

Actually a region where fresh water and salt water mix is called an estuary.

fresh water that is mixed with salt water

an estuary is a mix of salt water and fresh water.

Kind of. They can have a mix of salt and fresh water.

it is a mix of fresh water and salt water

The water will be salty, but not as salty as the salt water because the fresh water thinned it out.

When you mix fresh water with salt water you get what is calledbrackish water. An estuary is a body of water where fresh water andsalt water mix. You'll find all the brackish water you need inestuaries where rivers meet the sea.Your welcome

Mix fresh water and salt water

In swamps and estuaries where salt water and fresh water mix, the water is termed brackish water.

Brackish water is a mix of salt and fresh water so of course there is fresh water in brackish water.

What makes you think they don't? They mix quite easily.

yes.water is a universal solvent

Yes, the Hudson is fresh water, As it approaches the ocean the salt water and fresh water start to mix and this is called brackish.

In quiet waters that don't mix very much, such as the Baltic Sea, fresh water from rivers tends to stay on top, floating on the salt water from the ocean. This is caused by the difference in their densities. Fishermen can catch fresh water fish near the top and salt water fish from lower down. Where salt water and fresh water meet and mix you have 'brackish' water, which is halfway between salt and fresh, more or less. This is what usually happens in estuaries where a river meets the sea.

The Nile itself is a river thus it is fresh water however an estuary is the meeting place of fresh and salt water and the waters mix making what is known aas brackish water.

they separate because of density .. i think

Brackish water. also perhaps a "halocline".

Where a freshwater river drains into an ocean, the fresh water may mix with the salt water ... this is called brackish water.

Because they have different density.

Salt water and fresh water do mix, when you mix them the salt water becomes more dilute meaning there is slightly more water then salt then there was before. If you want to witness them mixing for yourself, the experiment you could do is quite simple. Just take salt water and dye it one color and take fresh water and dye it another. Then just pour the contents of both into a glass, stir and wait a few hours. You'll find that the salt water which is dyed the one color does not separate from the fresh water which you dyed another. Salt water and fresh water are really just two types of the same thing, the only difference between the two is the type of impurities present. Those impurities defuse into purified or fresh water as easily as cigarette smoke diffuses into the air.

This is an area where fresh water from rivers and salt waters from the ocean mix to form saltish water

when the water evaporates, the salt from the ocean water is left behind. you can try to do this by taking some fresh water and mix it up with salt

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