Eating Disorders
Anorexia Nervosa

What do you call people who don't eat?

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People that dont eat meat are call?

Vegetarians are people who DON'T eat meat or fish.

Picture of people who eat people?

no!people dont eat people

What do orangutangs not eat?

They dont eat people or themselves.

How do you call food you dont eat at the restaurant but buy it there and eat at home?

Take away?

What do you call organism that eat other organism?

me dont know

What do people eat in Spain?

i dont no

Why do elephants eat people?

They dont.

What do you call people who eat pizza?

There is no word for people who eat pizza.

What is the name for people who dont eat Fish?

There is currently no name for people who do not eat fish, but eat meat.

What foods do Chinese people eat for Christmas?

they dont eat anything because they dont observe christmas

Do insects really eat people?

yes the realy realy eat no they dont they dont you dip ship

What food can musilm eat or not eat?

we eat what normal people eat exept for pork we dont eat it.

Do Asian people eat ponies?

no they dont

What do Switzerland people eat?

everybody needs to eat, because if you dont eat you will die

Do Japanese eat frogs?

Japanese dont eat frogs. They eat their own people

What do you call people that eat other people?


What do you call animals that are vegetarian?

Herbivores are animals that dont eat mean and never will!

Can dog eat mustard?

yes, we call those Hot Dogs ! No. they dont

Why dont we call it the Vietnam War?

Some people do.

What is the cause of stupidity?

people who dont have call of duty

What do Chinese people enjoy to eat?

noodles and stuf they dont eat a lot

Do caterpillars eat other caterpillars Not people diets?

no caterpillars dont eat other caterpillars or people they eat plants and protein.

What food do people in Haiti eat?

KFC no they dont

Why do people eat sweet innocent mice?

they dont

What are people called when they dont eat meat?