What do you call someone who studies turtles?

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A herpetologist is a person who studies reptiles and amphibians (including turtles).

The specific term for someone who studies turtles is testudinologist. A more general term that includes terrapins and tortoises is cheloniologist. Both words return many hundreds of hits on Google.

You could also say the Queen of Hearts piqued Alice's interest in psuedotestudinology though you are unlikely to find many hits for the word on Google.
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What is someone who studies the cosmos called?

Most generally, someone who studies the universe is an astronomer.If you are thinking specifically about the ideas about how it allevolved, then you'd say a cosmologist.

What do you call someone who studies a certain subject?

Answer . Other than saying the person is a "specialist in..." or a "... major" (if in college), there's the use of the suffix "-logist" or "-ologist" for experts/scholars in particular fields: antropologist, paleontologist, mineralogist, theologist, meteorologist, biologist, bacteriologist.... " ( Full Answer )

Someone who studies plant life?

Someone who studies plant life is called either a plant biologist,or a botanist. Botanists study over 400,000 plant species.

What do you call someone who studies atoms?

Atomic Physicist study atoms as an isolated system of electrons, and an atomic nucleus. Atomic physics, studies an atom as a system consisting of a nucleus and electrons, and nuclear physics, considers atomic nuclei alone. Atomic physics is often considered to be in the wider context of atomic, mole ( Full Answer )

Why is a box turtle called a box turtle?

Because of its ability to squeeze its lower shell (plastron) tightly to its upper shell (carapace) leaving no soft body parts exposed when threatened by predators. A hinged plastron allows it to do so. Someone must have thought that this resembled a tightly closed box.

What is Someone who studies art?

A person who studies art in the most broad sense is an aesthetician. The study of the principles and definition of art is the field of aesthetics. Sometimes, this word is used to include the study of all sensory experience, as derived from nature as well as art. One can say that an art student is ( Full Answer )

Why are box turtles called box turtles?

because when they get scared they box up like a box to pretect themselfs The underside of a box turtle has a hinged plate which bends upward and closes when the turtle pulls its head in.

What do you call someone who studies the statistics population?

Your question is a bit difficult to understand. Perhaps you mean to ask:. Question: What do you call someone who studies the statistics related to human populations?. Answer: A demographer.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics

What do you call someone who studies ancient Egypt?

A person who studies ancient Egypt is called an Egyptologist. An Egyptologist is any archaeologist, historian, linguist or art historian who specializes in Egyptology, the study of ancient Egypt.

Why do they call turtles turtles?

I don't know, they just are. That's kind of like saying eg. 'Why am I called Joe?' There isn't an answer.

If an undergraduate is someone that is still studying and does not have a degree yet why would it be called an Undergraduate Degree?

It is referred to as undergraduate coursework. Once the student graduates it is said the individual has an undergraduate degree (sometimes called a first degree). Graduate degrees are the master's and doctorate degrees. It is referred to as undergraduate coursework. Once the student graduates it is ( Full Answer )

What is someone called if they study rocks and minerals?

They could be a rock-hound, a geologist, a petrologist, or a mineralogist, depending on their educational background and field of interest. Petrologists study rocks and mineralogists study minerals.

What do you call someone who studies ancient languages?

Though one does not hear the term used incredibly often, the proper term for a person who studies ancient or archaic languages is actually an " archaeolexicologist ". (Sometimes hyphenated.)

Why is a turtle called a turtle?

OK, obviously the word turtle came from a curtain country or state which is where it originated its self from. Ive searched and studied. I cant find an answer or any facts to help me. Turtle is English. That's all I know. I hope this at least helped a little? You could ask a science or language arts ( Full Answer )

Why is turtle wexler called turtle?

Turtle was called turtle because, when she was born she kept sticking her head out of the blanket like a turtle sticks its head out of the shell so they called her that

What do you call someone who studies the studies of culture what kind of geography?

These are all different fields of culture study: Sociologists study human societies, ( culture ). Anthropologists study humanity, it's origins, culture . Archaeologists are anthropologists who study historic and prehistoric cultures . --------------------------------------------------- ( Full Answer )

What do you call someone who studies the flu virus?

There are many different scientific disciplines that study human influenza viruses from their different perspectives. Some are: . Virologists . Infectious Disease Doctors . Microbiologists . Immunologists . Epidemiologists . Biologists . Physiologists . Pathologists

Why are sea turtles called sea turtles?

well they are called sea turtles because they are turtles that live in the sea. i mean there really is no other name for it.

Name of someone who studies snakes?

someone who studies snakes is referred to as an ophiologist which is a branch of Herpetology which is the study of reptiles and amphibians

What do you call someone who studies chocolate?

chocolateologist? A person who makes it is a Chocolatier. If that peep just said it makes stuff choclotier, well I would agree! more chocolate just makes it better.

What do you call someone who studies koala bears?

Firstly, koalas are not bears. There is no particular name for someone who studies koalas. People who study the field of animal biology are zoologists. While there are specialised areas within this broad parameter (such as ornithologists , who study birds), there is no particular name for one who ( Full Answer )

What do you call someone who studies criminals and killers?

a criminal psychologist or a forensic psychologist. Added: . . . or a CRIMINOLOGIST. Forensic Biologists Forensic Anthropologists(Identification.) Forensic Botanists (Leaves, Seeds and Plants) Forensic Odontologits (Teeth- Dental Records) Forensic Entomologists (Insects and Arthropods) Fore ( Full Answer )

What do you call someone who studies technology?

Though most people would call them a nerd, I am not most people (especially since I am curious about technology myself) and so therefore I call them either scientists or engineers.

What does turtling someone mean?

When you turtel someone: Not wanting to deal with a person or current situation retreats for a time period until deemed "safe" to reemerge

What do you call someone who studies Antarctica?

Your answer depends on what about Antarctica the person studies.Disciplines could include: . Exploration . Geology . Glaciology . Atmospherics . Marine Biology . Human Psychology . Geography . Geothermal Phenomenon . Sub-glacial minerals . Generally, the health of planet earth.

How do you call someone who studies aliens?

There has never been any credible, reproducible evidence of the existence of aliens. Mainstream researchers refer to people who study them as "wing nuts".

Where can someone purchase turtle tanks?

Turtle tanks can be purchased from Pets At Home and local independant pet stores. They are also available to purchase online from sites such as eBay and Amazon.