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In the Old Testament, these stories are called examples to us; and in the New Testament, they are called parables.

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Q: What do you call stories in the bible that teach us a lesson?
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the lesson is to get laid.

What do you call a story in the bible?

Illustrative stories in the Bible are called "parables".

What would you call a student who is studious and intelligent in class?

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What does the bible call it when people come together to teach and encourage on another?


What do you call an actual event that teaches a lesson?

Object lesson

What do you call the lesson of a story?

The lesson within a story is called the moral.

What do you call a lesson of a story?

The lesson within a story is called the moral.

What was the lesson greek mythology?

There was no lesson; what we call Greek mythology was the Ancient Greek's religion.

Why is it okay to call the stories of Native Americans myths in school yet politically incorrect to call the stories of the bible myths?

it's because calling stories in the bible myth can e insulting to someone of that religion, dependng on ow strongly theyfeel towards thei religin. , personaly, don't care i it's called a myth or not but others may think the exact opposite and it's just easier to say it' politically incorrect.

What do you call the Islamic holy Bible?

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What do you call stories with morals?

It could be a fable or a parable.Fable= story that teaches a moral lesson/principle, but often times uses animals or inanimate objects to carry the message through.Parable= story that teaches a lesson, but uses human characters.Example of parable- 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'Example of fable- 'The Tortoise and the Hare'

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