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What do you call that word have the same meaning?


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Words that have the same meaning are synonyms.

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Have the same meaning or not, it is a rhyming word.

what do u call a word that is spelled differently but has the same meaning

A word that has the same meaning as another word is a synonym.

The word culinary derives from the Latin culinarius - culina meaning kitchen. Same source of English word - kiln.

synonym - word of similar meaning.antonym - word of opposite meaning.

Base word and root word have the same meaning but are there are different ways to say it.

The word ear, as in ear of corn, is not the same word as ear, meaning the hearing organ. It comes from the Indo-European root -ak, meaning sharp, pointy.

A word with nearly the same meaning as another word is called a synonym of that word.

find a word the meaning that like as same "has no"

colour and colororganise and organizetyre and tirelicense and licence

The word "water" and the word "agua" have the same meaning as aqua.

A "synonym" of a word is one that can have the same or a similar meaning.

The term is Homophones... the literal meaning of this word is Homo - Same Phone - sound.

The Kikuyu word moko has the same meaning as hands.

Homonym is a word that sounds and is spelled the same as another word but has a different meaning. Synonym is a word with the same meaning

No, the words "sentence" and "claim" do not have the same meaning.

mango shares roughly the same meaning as dispute

Meaning 'by way of' or 'by means of' from Latin, same word, same meaning

A synonym is a word that has a similar or exact same meaning as another word. An antonym is a word that has an opposite meaning to another word.

Anti (A+) Choose the prefix that has the same meaning as this word against-contra bad-mal

The noun 'end' can have the same meaning as the word goal, although it is not often used with this meaning. It is not an obsolete use of the word 'end', however. The words destination and object can also have the same meaning as goal.

There is no single word that is the same in every language.

a word that has the same meaning as another word oe if they kind of have the same deffinition

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