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What do you call the seeds of the mushroom?


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they are not seeds they are spores.

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The seeds of a mushroom

No, however there are 'magic mushroom' spores. Mushrooms produce spores, not seeds.

mushrooms reproduce with microscopic spores, they do not have seeds.

You can buy them from Vesta after you have build the Mushroom Shed.

mushrooms don't have seeds, just asexual microscopic spores.

first that mushroom needs to grow,then that mushroom shoots little seeds that no one can see,then when the spores touch something ,they grow,this all happens again.

ANSWER:Mushrooms don't have seeds, they have spores. You can get mushroom spores by tapping a mature mushroom and collecting the spores to transfer to another growth medium. They are very minute and hard to see.

You can purchase Shiitake mushroom seeds at Vesta's shop right of the bridge, which is open from around 6:20pm -7:00pm. The seeds cost 3000 gold -jules

you plant mushroom seeds in horse/dirt type crap

No. For instance when you eat a mushroom you eat some spores and when you eat bread this is made from seeds. However there are many different spores and seeds and not all are edible.

First, you have to complete ALL of Ms Weeder tasks. Then, trade a red mushroom, a white mushroom, and a brown mushroom for eggplant seeds. The mushrooms are where the dead pirate is. Good Luck!!

Poppy seeds Poppy seeds

get some todestool seeds and get them fully growen then use the scarcrow on it

Mushrooms don't have seeds, they have spores. Syringes full of spores can be ordered online and are completely legal in the US to possess, but mushrooms are not.

You have to call Gotz and ask him to make you a mushroom shed. than you go to vesta's farm when ever her shop is open in her house than buy siitake mushroom seeds. Another way is to call gotz and make you a maker shed, then in the fall there will be mushrooms (toadstools and Matsuke) (some thing like that)save those mushrooms. then call sabara the blacksmith and ask for a seed maker once you have bought the maker shed. Pop your mushrooms in the maker shed and you now have seeds to put in youre mushroom shed How to plant mushrooms: in youre mushroom shed there will be all of these tables. place a peice of wood on each of the tables. sprinkle your mushrooms on the peice of wood. After you have done that, water your mushrooms daily. They will grow all year long. Hope this helps if it does not, go to and click ushi no tane

during autumn you can find mushrooms in the forest and toadstool (another type of mushroom)...when you have shipped off about 100 in total the mushroom,toadstool seeds etc... will appear in chens store then you purc\hase the seeds and the on the right hand side of your house you will see about 6 batches of logs stand dirctly in front of one and plant the seeds like normal but remember to water it everyday or sle the mush room qill disappear. hope that helps

Almost all species of mushrooms propagate by mushroom spores which are microscopic seeds that travel on the wind. A few rare varieties propagate exclusively by mycelium transfer, but these are very few.

Spores are usually haploid and unicellular and are produced by meiosis, they are not seeds and do not contain the "bulky" multicellular embryo and seed coat that encloses it of plant seeds.

Of course not, unless you call boogers seeds.

Poppy seeds in Hindi are called Khasakhasa.

Three ways a mushroom and a dandelion are different would be that a dandelion is an autotroph and a mushroom a decomposer. Also dandelions reproduce using seeds and mushrooms reproduce using spores. Mushrooms also like to grow in very moist places.

Seeds that are just starting to grow are called Seedlings.

They would be called Anise seeds, they have a licorice taste to them.

poppy seeds means 'gasagase'

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