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What do you call the study of frogs?

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Study of frogs?

The study of frogs is herpetology.

What do frogs call their young?

Frogs call their young tadpolls.

What is the study of frogs and toads called?

There is no specific name for the study of frogs and toads. The study of all amfibians and reptiles is called herpetology. Herpetology

What does Dora the Explorer call frogs?


What do you call the study of tadpoles?

A herpetologist studies tadpoles. Herpetology is the study of "creeping" animals which includes all reptiles and amphibians. Tadpoles are the juvenile stage of frogs and toads.

Is the frogs ear call the tympanum?

yes, the frogs ear can also be call the tympanum

What are the uses of a frogs call?

A male frogs call is used to call for a mate and warn off other males.

What do you call frogs that live in a pond?

Frogs, croakers?

Why are frogs are considered an ideal specimen in the study of general zoology?

since the function and the organs found in frogs is similar to the humans, frogs are considered an ideal specimen int he study of zoology.

What do you call frogs larva?

Frogs lay a mass of frog spawn in water.

Do frogs have a mating call?

Their Croak

How do male and female frogs differ?

It allows male frogs to produce a mating call.

Do frogs croak more when its about to rain?

Some frogs do. Many tree frogs will call more just before rain. This is called a rain call. Scientists are not sure the function of rain calls.

Why do frogs have a bubbls under its neck?

That is where the male frogs puff up their chin to do a mating call.

What do French people call themselves?


What do you call the habitat where frogs live?


What do you call a bee who eat frogs?


What do you call the group of frogs?

A group of frogs is called an army, a chorus or a colony, whereas a group of toads is called a knot.

What do you call the study of ferns?

it call PTERIDOLOGY they are the scientist who study about ferns..

How do frogs move blood through their body?

They have hearts like humans do. Theirs is more primitive. This also why you study frogs in Biology.

What types of animals do veterinarian students dissect and study?

Frogs and mice.

Why are frogs eggs squishy?

They are what we call softshell eggs.

What do you call scientists that who study plants?

what do we call scientists who study plant

Who gave the french the nickname frogs?

French people believe they were nicknamed "frogs" by the English, whom they call "the roastbeefs"

How are frogs offensive?

Well don't call a person from France a frog, it is a derogatory term as they eat frogs legs.

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