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transfer of energy among living organisms is evident in food chain because the producers receive the most energy while the consumers receive less and less energy depends on its position in the food chain.

the energy stored by orducers can be passed through an acosystem along a food chain, a series of steps in which organisms transfer energy by eating and being eaten.

A series of steps in which organisms transfer energy by eating and being eaten is called a food chain. A consumer is an organism that is reliant on other organisms for its food and its energy.

I think you might be thinking of this: Decomposers--bacteria and fungi that break down dead things into the mineral components to be consumed by the producers Tertiary consumers--animals that eat carrion (dead things) Secondary consumers--predators and omnivores that eat the primary consumers Primary consumers--herbivores that eat the producers Producers--things like plants that make their own food

Respiration is the series of chemical reactions used to release energy stored in food molecules. it is also the process by which producers and consumers release stored energy from food molecules.

series uses 1 line of electricity,(1 cable) so if somewhere along the line breaks, the whole series breaks, like light bulbs in a xmas tree.. whereas if you have parallel, its like a mains pipe running water to your house. . your neighbours pipe mite burst but you'll still get water :) ...transfer energy via electrons

Energy is transferred to the chain of proteins in the electron transport. A electron transport chain is a series of compounds that transfer electrons from electron donors to electron acceptors through redox reactions.

Whether or not they're in series is an irrelevant detail. If the two bulbs are equally bright, it means that they're dissipating energy at the same rate. They can dissipate energy at the same or at different rates whether they're in series or parallel circuits. It only depends on the characteristics of the bulbs.

Waves translate energy by translate motion between particles or matter. Series of knocking motion between adjacent particles translated energy. It is the same as how Newton's Cradle work.

Food webs illustrate energy flow from primary producers to primary consumers (herbivores), and from primary consumers to secondary consumers (carnivores). ... In a trophic cascade, predators induce effects that cascade down the food chain and affect biomass of organisms at least two links away (Ricklefs 2008).

No, there won't be a Riddle Transfer 2. The series was cancelled.

1. Hydroelectric Power.2. As a heat transfer medium in a rankine cycle 3. As a solvent and catalyst in a series of chemical reactions known as "photosynthesis" 4. As a heat transfer medium in a Geothermal Powerplant

Thermonuclear fusion in the core of the star heats the material of the star. A series of complex energy transfer mechanisms transport the heat from the core to the photosphere of the star. The photosphere then emits electromagnetic radiation.

in voltmeter we have internal Resistance and connected in series , to current don't transfer in voltmeter , and we have internal resistance in ammeter and connected in parallel , to most current transfer through the ammeter.

Through a series of reactions, it will be stored in ATPs, which will then be used in various cellular activities.

food chains are a series of steps in which organisms transfer energy,and a food web links all the food chains in an ecosystem together.

The tail light assembly was recalled on the 2000-2002 L-Series Sedan and the 2000-2004 L-Series wagon. The recall was prompted by a defect petition by the North Carolina Consumers Council. The timing chain was recalled on the L-Series built from September 2000 through Februaruy 2001 for vehicles with the 2.2L engine, also prompted by a petition by the North Carolina Consumers Council.

TrueLight Energy can be contacted through email from their website. The head office is in Boston MA. They have a series of methods for investing in renewable generation assets.

Through a vastly wonderful series of events, the RNAs that are responsible for this are collectively known as TRANSFER RNAs.

Many scientists determined this through series of tests after its invention.

Through a series of breathing, meditation, tai chi movements, mental training, and trying to attain peace with your body.

Through a series of levers, cogs, gears and wheels the bicycle transforms the chemical energy of the human body into movement.

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