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Infactuation that will eventually dissolve.

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How can you know someone has crush on you by talking with you?

well they sound like there laughung while talking and then they will get along will them

Are sound waves matter?

`No sound waves are not matter .They can travel through matter but no sound waves are not matter

What matter is sound?

Sound is vibrations not matter.

Does crush have a long or short vowel sound?

The U in crush has a short U (uh) sound as in crumb and hush.

Why sound is not considered matter?

Sound has no mass. Without matter, there can be no sound. Sound is information which is carried on a wave that moves through matter.

Does sound have matter?

Sound cannot be matter as we can not see sound and it has no mass or volume.

Is sound an example of matter?

Sound cannot be Matter as we can not see sound and it has no mass

Is sound considered matter?

No, sound travels through matter but is not matter itself.

Why is sound impossible in a vacuum?

Sound is transmitted by matter, in a vacuum there is no matter to transmit the sound.

Why cant a sound wave travel through a vacuum?

Sound is waves through matter. In a vacuum, there is no matter. No matter, no sound.

What state of matter is sound?

Sound is a form of energy, it is not a state of matter.

Is the sound considered as a matter?

Is sound considered as matter? No, matter is composed of atoms and particles, and sound is a perceptible motion (vibration) of material things.

Why is sound not considered to be matter?

Sound is a form of wave. Hence it is not considered a matter.

Is sound matter or no matter?

Sound isn't matter, it's a wave propagating through matter. Remove all matter, as in vacuum, and you won't hear a thing.

Sound travels through which type of matter?

Sound travels through all matter.

How does matter affect how sound travels?

The type of matter affects the speed of travel of the sound

Is light and sound matter?

no light and sound is energy not matter because it is the massless partical.

What type af matter are sound and light?

sound and light aren't types of matter

Can there be sound if no matter is present?

Nope, because the particles of matter must vibrate to have sound.

Is sound and light made up of matter?

Sound and light are forms of energy, not matter.

Is there a place in the universe there is no sound?

Sound requires matter, so basically, anywhere where there is no matter, i.e. in empty space, there can be no sound.

Is music a matter?


Is a sound a matter?


Is sound matter?


Why doesnt sound travel through space?

because there is no matter. and matter creates sound waves.