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What do you mean by "stuck". I assume the wiper switch is in the turn signal lever? It could mean that the wiper motor assembly is faulty. The motor assembly has a position sensor that keeps the motor running until the wipers come to rest at the appropriate position. If that sensor has failed you will need to replace the wiper motor.

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Q: What do you check If your wipers are stuck after activating turn signal lever?
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How do you turn on the wipers on a 2000 Saturn L series?

The turn signal switch (left side of the steering column) includes a couple controls for the wiper. Twist the lever to turn the wipers on. Twist the part of the lever with the paddle to dispense windshield washing fluid. Twist the ring to set the wiper delay.

Wipers are automatic on a caddy cts they wont cut off even when its not raining?

The windshield wipers are not automatic... the lever that controls the wipers have three positions and you will have to pull the lever down to the off position. The position below off is for mist. If you pull the lever to that position and let it go, the lever will go back to the off position.

How do you turn off the rear wipers on a ford transit?

The control lever for wipers on the Transit is able to move up and down (for operating the front wipers), but also can be moved towards and away from the driver to control the rear wipers. Push the wiper lever away from you (while seated in the driver seat) to turn off rear wipers.

How do you fix the windshield wipers after you have replaced the switch and wiper motor but the windshield wipers still do not work on 1995 Thunderbird LX 46?

My wipers would only work on high. we replaced the signal lever which works the wipers too. i did get my mechanic to do it because it was'nt as easy as the parts store said it was. try replaceing the wiper pulse relay board under driver side dashboard

Why would the front wipers on your 1999 Mountaineer come on and then cut off without your touching the controls?

turn signal lever connection loose ... mine was... This was part of a recall back in 2000 or 2001.

How do you turn on the rear windsheld wipers on your 03 Hyundai tiburon?

it is on the same lever you turn your front wipers on with but you twist the the last inch of it

What is the lever next to the wiper lever in a peugoet 206 for?

on most cars with a lever next to the windscreen wipers, it's usually cruise control or a speed limiter

What does the turn signal switch control on an 2002 explorer sport?

The multi-function switch inside the steering column has the turn signal lever and hazard lights button extending outside of the steering column it operates - turn signals - flash to pass - high beam headlights - windshield wipers ( on/off ) and intermittent speed settings for the wipers - windshield washer fluid squirter button

Why do your windshield wipers work if you push the lever down but not when you turn on?

If the windshield wipers work when pushing the lever down but not when they are turned on all the time, the problem could be in the wiper motor relay switch. There are two different relay switches for the windshield wipers, so that if the one fails a person can still clear the windshield manually.

What kind of lever is a railway signal?


What kind of lever a railway signal is?


How do you get your brights to work on an 1987 caprice classic?

pull up on the turn signal lever,check the bright lights relay,check the bulbs & wiring. etc,etc,etc

Where is the turn signal on a car?

A turn signal will be activated once you engage it, to do so is very simple. Usually it is a control built in to a small lever that is on either side of the steering wheel column. To activate all you do is push the lever down to activate the right turn signal and push the lever up to activate the left turn signal. Happy driving

What causes windshield wipers not to work on 2002 Isuzu?

Wiper motor is not working properly or the combination switch in the steering column is not working properly which is the lever that turns the wipers on.

What does the multi switch in a 1996 ford Crown Victoria do?

Your multi function switch is mounted inside your steering column cover The turn signal lever is part of the multi function switch , as is the hazard flasher switch - these are visible outside of the steering column cover Your turn signal lever / multi function switch operates : - turn signals - high beams - flash to pass - windshield wipers - windshield washer

When you turn your turn signal on the wipers turn on as well what is the problem?

good morning sir , thank you for your cooperation my car is make a MERCEDES type; C200 COMPRESSOR ,ymf:2000 THE PROBLEM IS WHEN I ACTUATED THE LEVER ON BOTH SIDE UP AND DOWN THE FLACHER DON T WORKING MORE EVER when we turn the lever for the function wiper also doesn t work either we check all fuses they are ok hope receive answer soon thank you in anticipation

Replace multi-function turn signal lever on 1998 Buick LeSabre?

lever pulled out, having trouble getting the lever locked back in place

How do you change a turn signal lever on a 1989 Chevy s10?

Grasp lever and pull straight out. it goes back in, by pushing it in.

Where is the fog light switch on 2008 cts?

look on the turn signal lever and it's the turn switch in the middle of the lever.

Wipers won't shut off?

Maybe you should press the off button? or move the lever to the off position?

How do you install an turn signal lever on 1998 Chevy Tahoe?

How do you install a turn signal switch on a 1998 Chevy Tahoe?

Where is the headlight switch in a Geo Metro?

at the end of the turn signal lever

How do you switch from high beam to low beams on 99 ford explorer?

Pull back on the turn signal lever to change from high beams to low beams If the turn signal lever is pushed forward the high beams stay on and if the turn signal lever is pulled back all the way that is the " flash to pass " feature

Where is the dimmer switch on 2001 dodge ram?

Pull the turn signal lever toward you to switch to high beams and back again Pull the turn signal lever toward you to switch to high beams and back again

How do you fix a broken turn signal lever on a 95 Ford Taurus?

The turn signal lever is also known as the multi-function switch. See "Related Questions" below for instructions on removing/replacing it.