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Q: What do you check first when your mower stops running?
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125 automatic stops running after mower has been running for a while?

Sounds like the engine heats and the ignition fails.

Why does your huskey lawn tractor stall after running for 20 minutes?

because of grass colecting on the top of the cutting deck stops the belts that run the blades and the same belts conect to the engen and when the grass stops the belts it stops the pistons and stalls the mower

What is the problem when your 88 Chrysler LeBaron just stops running with no warning?

Check your timing belt!

John deere 318 engine stops mower stops engine will restart but mower deck will not too hot?

Your mower has an electric PTO clutch that is worn out. It clutch stops working when it gets hot. Replace the PTO clutch and you should be fine. Expect to pay about $150 for the part.

1996 Dodge Caravan stops running?

1996 dodge caravan stops running, I Restarted, run for a little while and stops running again.

What is wrong when 12.5 HP riding mower stops running after 1 hour of mowing then repeats cycle of running for 15 - 30 minutes after cooling for 5-10 minutes?

Bad armature or coil. They are heat-sensitive.

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Montag stops at a gas station. There he cleans up and combs his hair.

What is the first thing you should check if your printer stops printing?

You should check the paper supply first, then the toner supply.

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Why does my 96 vw jetta stops running after a while?

check ur temp sencor . when gets warm can short out

Why does 99 eclipse blow fuse and stops running?

there is a short some where check the wires as well as the oxygen sensor.

Your 94 olds achieva just stops running you have replaced the relay sevarl times got a new fuel pump but it just stops workign after a month or so?

Check for fuel/spark Check for loose ground Check for fuel/spark Check for loose ground

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