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Take off the brake caliper, and brake rotor, under the rotor is a parking brake shoe, that is probably wore down and needs replaces. I

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Q: What do you check if you have a 1999 Chevy Silverado with a parking brake that is not holding and you have already adjusted it as much as possible?
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The push pins that are holding trim to the front bumper on a 2001 Silverado are actually pop rivets. These rivets have to be cut off to remove them. A hacksaw will be needed to accomplish this.

How do you replace head lights on 1998 silverado?

pull the grill off and there are a 4 8mm holding it on

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The speed sensor on a Chevy Silverado is located on the tailshaft of the transmission. To remove it, unplug the wire hardness, unscrew the bolt holding it in place, and pull it out.

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How do you change the bulb on the Daytime Running Lights on a 2003 Chevy Silverado?

The whole headlight on these 03 silverado is not that hard to take it out. When you pop the hood open as you look on the headlight there should a long piece of tube metal that is holding the headlight onto your car. As I recall there shouldn't be any screws or bolts holding the headlights. That is for headlights, not "Daytime Running Lights". Still looking for answer!

What is the location of the t.a.c. module on the 2003 silverado?

on the firewall on the drivers side under the hood. to the right of the booster. has three nuts holding it ti the fire wall

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