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What do you check if your heat and AC don't work at all?

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I assume when you turn on the fan, nothing is blowing at you. If so, possibilities include fuse, switch, wiring, relay and blower motor .

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The brake lights dont work on my 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis but all other lights work?

change the brake lights check the fuse check the brake light swtch

What can you do to fix your Volkswagen beetle soundsystem after the sparkplugs were changed and all of a sudden your speakers dont work?

Check your car fuses.

Why dont turnsignals or flashers work in 1998 hyaindi accent?

If you haven't already check all your fuses and the flasher relay.

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Why wont your tail lights and one of your head light dont work?

Check all the related fuses both in cab and under hood.

What can cause heat not to work when you turn the climate control button to the heat?

It all depend if it is vacuum operated or electrical. If it is vacuum check the vacuum line attached to the intake manifold, it might have come loose. If its electrical check the heater control panel.

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My 92 integra parking lights dont work?

If all other lights work then make sure that the parking light bulbs are good. Check for a parking light fuse and relay, to insure that the work properly.

How do I test the power seat motors in my 97 olds aurora They dont work at all Trying to figure out to buy motor or switch or what?

check the fuses.

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check the bulbs themselves they sometimes short out internaly & cause feedback also check sidemarker lights I have changed all bulbs and fuses! Wiring problem???

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the 1999 wrangler's heat only worked on high,but now it don't work at all.

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