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check to see if the window switch of the driver's side is getting power, if you are getting power to the switch and the switch is sending power out to the motor but the motor is not responding the motor needs to be replaced

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โˆ™ 2006-07-01 06:59:11
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Q: What do you check on a 1972 Eldorado when there is no power going to the power window motot on the driver's side?
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How do you fix drivers side automatic window on Ford F-150?

Buy a new window switch part #5L1Z14529AA easy fix!.. It's a very common problem the drivers window sticks when going up

Is there going to be a new Cadillac eldorado?

Not likely

Why would the nearside window work going up but not going down on a 2001 Renault Scenic?

Check if it is blocked by anything

VW 2004 jetta what does the dash indicator with a screw going through the drivers window mean?

Check your fuel filler cap! Turn off the engine, make sure it's tight, then turn ingition back on.

How do you fix leaky rear window?

Something cars start falling apart. When a window starts to leak, it is important to check the seals on the door and outside of the door. Also, be sure the check that the window is going up completely and that there are no holes.

Why would the power to your windows just stop working in your f150?

Check your fuses, check for power going into the window motor, exc.

How to get 2003 Pontiac Montana drivers window to go up?

If you are having trouble with your window going back up to the up position, I assume that it has no trouble going down. The problem may be the motor in the door being to weak to push the window back up. You can replace this for about 55.00 good luck

Drivers side window on a 2000 town car is not working although it clicks once in the box where all the wires are going inside the door when pushing the button down?

it could be the window regulator

Your rear drivers side window does not roll down where should you look to fix the problem the electric motor?

The if that window is the only one not going up and down, its the motor, or maybe even a short in the wiring. ** My 4 door went out one window at the time.

Where is the vacuum modulator on a 1993 Cadillac Eldorado?

On the side of the trany. It will have a vacumm hose going to it

How do you test a power window motor?

Disconnect wires from motor and check to see if you have power and ground going to motor--if so motor is bad if not have to check wiring and switch to that motor

Why wont my rear window IN A HYUNDAI ELANTRA roll up but will roll down and you hear it makes a noise going down but not up?

I felt dumb but I had the same problem, there was a WINDOW LOCK I had pushed, it is on the Drivers Door. My youngest son figured it out

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