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Code 45 on a Honda Civic means the car is not getting proper fuel flow. All the major fuel components should be checked such as the map sensor, oxygen sensor, and fuel pump.

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Q: What do you do about code 45 on a Honda Civic and how do you fix it?
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What is the wheel offset on a Honda Civic with 13 inch wheels?

For a Honda civic,offset should be between 38-45.

What size gas tank does a 1999 Honda Civic have?

1999 Honda Civic has a 45 liter gas tank - or 11.88 US gallons.

Gas tank size of 1995 Honda civic?

45 litres

What is the wheel offset on Honda civic with 15 inch wheels?

+45 offset

How can you fix the code 45 for your Honda?

Change out your 02 sensor and everything should be solved. Easy fix... any other questions just email me at turbogsrz at good luck

How do you fix code 1320 on a 1997 infinite Q 45?

on my 1997 infinite Q45 i have the code 1320 how do i fix it?

How many gallons of petrol fills a Honda civic ep3?

45 liters 9.9 gallons UK

1988 Honda civic gas tank size?

Gas tank capacity of an 88 Civic DX and CRX Si is 45 litres or 11.9 Gallons...

How many gallons of gas does a 1996 Honda civic ex hold?

Approximately 12 gallons (45 litres)

How mile does a 1991 Honda Civic gets on a full tank?

Mine only does 210 miles to the tank, tank costing about £45 to fill up. I have a Honda Civic, 1991 I'm pretty sure this isn't right...

What is this code for a 02 Honda CRV diagnostic code p0500 And why does the transmission stutter after being driven for about 45 minutes in 1st through 3rd gear but is fine in fourth?

Trouble code P0500 means: Vehicle Speed Sensor A Replace the speed sensor and it will fix your problem

What are the car specs of the 1995 Honda Civic?

The 1995 Honda Civic is blue book valued at around $1500. It gets 40 city miles per gallon and 45 highway miles per gallon. It has driver and passenger airbags. It seats five people.

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