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Only counseling can help your girlfriend. No one wants to grow old, but, it's nature and we all do. I'm 65 and don't look it (so I've been told by friends and others.) I feel wiser, more in control of my own destiny and look at 65 as just a number. I am well-groomed, look after my health, exercise and be the best I can be. I feel my life is just starting and now I have time for 'me' and I'm tapping into my many talents such as art, script writing, novel writing and many more things. I stay active and volunteer at the 'Abused Women's Center' and that helps me balance myself. When I see what other people are going through such as in the abused women's center it makes the aging process feel like a piece of cake. Communicate with your girlfriend and very slowly get her use to the idea of seeking counseling for this. Tell her you'll be there 100% for her. I was very attractive when younger and to help keep my balance my father was wise enough to tell me this: 'Beauty is just the outter shell of a person and skin deep so you'd better keep working on your inner self because that's what you will have left when you get older.' In other words as you get older there is a new type of life where, if you have worked on your inner spirit others are attracted to you because of it. If you are so vain that all you do is look at yourself in the mirror or are constantly getting plastic surgery down to maintain your youth then you've neglected your inner self and that can certainly leave one lonely and jaded. I really wish you luck.

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Q: What do you do about your girlfriend's fear of aging?
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