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Love: putting someone else's needs or wants above your own. Even to the point of death. Doesn't sound like he loves you to me. Maybe living together is a bad idea. If people aren't committed enough to get married... they shouldn't move in, they should walk away.

2006-08-31 21:52:43
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Why won't your cheating boyfriend leave you?

Often times a cheating boyfriend will not leave because he feels a sense of comfort with you. He may not be happy, but he knows that you will always be there. The real question to ask here should be why would you not leave your cheating boyfriend. Feelings of helplessness may be to blame. However, it is important to accept the situation for what it is and to move on...without him.

Should you leave your boyfriend if you are not happy anymore but are still in love with him?

Well, it depends why you are not happy. If he is abusive then yes, you should leave him but if it's a couple of fights that can be resolved then no.

What should you do when you love someone but you know you shouldn't because he is your friend's boyfriend?

He is still your friend's boyfriend.You should leave him alone and try to find someone else. Be happy for your friend that she has such a great boy friend!

Should you leave your boyfriend because he refuses to work?

Yes, If he is not going to work then leave him!!!

What does it mean if your boyfriend is not as happy with your relationship but isn't looking to leave you?

Well the boyfriend just doesn't want to be alone and afraid of starting over again

How do you say a girl that you like her if she has a boyfriend but she does not look happy with him anymore but you are not sure she will leave him?

Just tell her you like her, if she likes you she will leave him, its happend to me before mate.

How do you get your ex boyfriend back if he has a new girlfriend?

Leave him alone and let him make that choice. If you aren't happy seeing him happy, you must not want him back that bad!

What will Narcissist boyfriend do if you cheat on him because of neglect?

leave and/or abuse you and blame you.

If you kick out an abusive boyfriend not on your lease does he have the right to the possessions left behind?

If he was living with you and you didn't give him a notice to leave and adequate time to retrieve his belongings, yes he does have the right to his belongings. He can take you to court and sue you for his belongings. If you are happy he is gone, I would be giving him his posessions because I would not want them around me.

How do you win a girl who's already got a boyfriend?

If you know she isn't happy with the relationship she is in now. Then be really nice to her better then her boyfriend. But if you know she is happy and loves her boyfriend just be friends or leave her alone. Girls don't like it when you are annoying and try to take them away from the person they love. But if you don't know at all i think its better to just be friends or leave her alone.

What if you cheat on your boyfriend but you don't tell him?

if ur cheating...that means u dont need him to be happy. leave him and tell him the truth why

What do you do if your boyfriend doesn't talk to you?

If its for no reason, then its a easy answer, leave him because he obviously don't deserve you, and there is someone out there that can treat you like a princess and have deep feelings for you and make you happy!! Don't chase them, make them chase you!

Im in love with one of my closest friends but she has a boyfriend and she thinks he may of cheated on her should i tell her how i feel?

if she is happy with her boyfriend then leave her be but if you think that it will benifit her lifestyle or her happieness then tell her

Why would your boyfriend leave you?

he would probably leave you because he likes someone else but he would be stupid to leave his sweet and caring girlfriend

Why are the dwarves happy but Bilbo isn't?

They are happy because they like adventures. Bilbo is unhappy because he doesn't want to leave his peaceful life.

Why does your boyfriend tell you to leave him?

Because you're stupid enough to ask this question.

How do you get rid of your wives ex boyfriend?

If he come to the house you are living in and is abusive then you can ask him to leave. If he refuses to leave then call Local Police and explain why you are calling. The Police should then come to the house and talk with both you and the ex-boyfriend. Police will then decide if ex-boyfriend should be arrested or not.

What if your boyfriend doesn't want you to go out to parties?

Then you have a choice. Go party and leave your boyfriend feeling unacknowledged and hurt, or stay home and be happy to have your boyfriend, putting his comfort above trivial things such as partying. It's your life, do what you wish with it.

What do you do when your boyfriend deletes you from facebook?

you just leave it because heobviously doesn't want you as a friend on there

Can a mother lose custody is she is living with a drug addicted boyfriend?

Yes she can unless she makes him leave. He can be considered a danger to the child.

Did Taylor swifts mom leave her when she was little?

NO not even there living happy together with dad Shcott and Brother Austin

Why did the wayans leave in living color?

Because they were arrested by Rick Ross.

You want your boyfriend back but he is ignoring you?

If he is ignoring you then you too ignore him. Show him that you can be happy without him. if he really cares he will come back.

Why doesn't Kristen want to date Robert?

Because Kristen already has a boyfriend and she refuses to leave him.

How do you get rid of your live in boyfriend?

If your boyfriend has lived in the place of residence before you moved in then it is up to you to leave, but, if you were living there before him then kick him out and if he won't leave call the police and have him removed. If you both found your residence together and moved in then you have no choice, but to find another place to live.