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Q: What do you do after you have got a medal from every island on poptropica?
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What do you do if you got all the medallions in every island that's out on Poptropica?

You wait until the next island comes out. (I'm stuck in the same situation)

What do you do after you got all the meddalins in poptropica?

wait for the next island to come out

Was there an island on poptropica that never got released?

That was Monster Carnival island. That was also almost Reality TV Island's fate.

What do you do after you got the medal on reality TV island?

After Reality tv island wait for mithoalgy island or just do the othr islands!

How do you use the keyboard on Poptropica on shrink ray island?

first i got on the keyboard

Where do you go to get the third medal on Zelda phantom hourglass?

On the island where you got the shovel from.

What do you do after you got to the top of the BAD building on poptropica spy island?

you get the key and unlock the agent

How do you get the pencil back on Mystery Train Island in Poptropica?

You just go to the place you got it.

Why isn't it letting you touch the peace medal poptropica?

Because you have to get Leo's journal then he will give you gliders then you go back were the peace medal is under you then jump and go towards it. Hooray you got the peace medal for Lewis and clark.

Who are Lewis and clark in Poptropica?

Lewis and Clark are some characters in poptropica that need a silver medal. So just find two boys and talk to them and you have to go on another adventure to look for the silver medal. So that's all I got to give you. Bye

Where is the key to unlock a different galaxey on poptropica?

how the hell did you get that thing from that is a big lie you can absouloutly cant i have beaten every island except skullduggery and i have never got a"key to a new galaxy"

What do you do once you got all the comic book pagesin Big Nate island on poptropica?

You give it to the guy you got it from in the pop-in-shop

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