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After you tie-dye a shirt you need to wash out the loose dye that didn't fix to the shirt. Hopefully you used "reactive type" dyes which are permanent on cotton if used correctly.

Here is how to wash out the loose dye:

1. Leave the shirt tied up!

2. Let it sit for a while if you have time to. If you let dyed shirts sit for a few hours it is much easier and cleaner to wash out the loose dye.

3. Wear gloves when you touch the dyed shirt because it's messy!

4. When you are ready to wash the loose dye out, take the tied up shirt to your sink. Leave it tied up and put it in the sink and turn on the cold running water. Let the water flow onto the shirt. A lot of loose dye will start to flow out from the shirt in the cold running water, this is normal. The cold flowing water will wash away the dye and keep the colors from running together and keep the white areas white.

5. Leave the shirt tied up and rinse and rinse until you kind of get sick of rinsing!

6. Finish washing out the loose dye by filling your washing machine with warm water. Add laundry soap (or special synthrapol detergent you can buy from the dye seller) and get the water sudsy. Untie the shirt and throw it in the soapy water. If you've rinsed out several shirts you can put them all in the washer together now. Wash the shirts in the washing machine as many times as you need to until when you look in a rinse cycle the water is clear and no more dye is coming out of the fabric. When you get to this point, you're done.

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Q: What do you do after you tie-dye a shirt?
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