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What do you do as a kindergarten teacher?

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A kindergarten teacher teaches addition and adding. Subtraction and subtracting too. teachers also teach the kindergartners how to read and spell. Most important they teach them some manners and how to respect each other.For more information visit

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What is the maximum student to teacher ratio in kindergarten?

what is the maxiumum student to teacher ratio in kindergarten?

How do you say kindergarten teacher in spanish?

Kindergarten teacher in Spanish is jardín de infantes maestro

What are the qualifications for kindergarten teacher education?

To be a kindergarten teacher you must have at least a bachelor's degree. You must also be certified by the state to teach kindergarten.

What was Einstein's first teacher?

A kindergarten teacher....

Related jobs to a kindergarten teacher?

teacher assistant teacher

How long did Princess Diana have the job of a kindergarten teacher?

Princess Diana had the job of a kindergarten teacher for about 9 yrs

What does kindergarten teacher do?

A Kindergarten teacher is in charge in building a solid foundation for reading, writing, math, and problem solving!

How much will a kindergarten teacher have a month?

a kindergarten teacher shoul make about 4,600 dollars a month according to the state they teach in

Are there promotions with being a kindergarten teacher?


Do you have to wear a uniform if you are a kindergarten teacher?


How much does a kindergarten teacher an hour?

a kindergarten teacher works from 8;4:00 pm(mon,fri). the get $26.17 per hour.

How many hours does a kindergarten teacher work in class in a full time teacher position?

about 3 hours of school time for kindergarten

Is preschool teacher the same as a kindergarten teacher?

While both are very important, a preschool teacher is not the same as a kindergarten teacher. Preschool teachers teach children who are not yet old enough to attend kindergarten. Thus, their job is to prepare students for kindergarten with basic math, pre-reading and other academic-type skills and social skills.

Increase Your Odds of Becoming a Kindergarten Teacher?

There are so many people who want to teach kindergarten these days. Children in kindergarten classes are often at an age where they are sweet and well-behaved. If you want to become a kindergarten teacher, then try to choose this as your specialty during college. You will have better odds of being selected as a kindergarten teacher at public schools upon graduation.

What Is A Kindergarten Teacher?

it a teacher for younger kids 5 year old

How many people are training to become a kindergarten teacher in Anchorage, AK now?

According to the search 46 Teachers for New Kindergarten Classes were people are training to become a kindergarten teacher in Anchorage

How much does a kindergarten teacher get paid?

The annual median salary of a kindergarten teacher in USA varies depending on location, experience of an individual, company size and educational qualification. The average median salary of a kindergarten teacher in USA is 53,678 US dollars.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kindergarten - 2001?

The cast of Kindergarten - 2001 includes: Mary Ann Matheson as Assistant Teacher Buzz Ostrowsky as Principal Jennifer Vaz Johnson as Kindergarten Teacher

What are the requirements needed to become a kindergarten teacher?

The requiements needed to become a kindergarten teacher is not so much as a highschool or middle school teacher. However being a teacher in general requires lots of work and determination.

What is the highest salary of a kindergarten teacher?


What does bellas mom do for a living?

kindergarten teacher

What occupaton starts with k?

kindergarten teacher

What job starts with kind?

kindergarten teacher

Occupation stating with k?

Kindergarten Teacher

How much does it cost to a be a kindergarten teacher?


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