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I had this problem too and it annoyed me greatly, but I found out that you cannot delete the files because they are already in use (ctrl + alt + delete will bring up taskmanager, go to processes and there you will see it in, somewhere that list). To solve this boot your computer in safe mode. To do this press f8 before you get the screen "Windows xp Professional", it's just when you start your computer, after the screen displaying your computer manufacturer. After you press f8 you will see a list of options to boot windows in, select "safe mode" from the list then select "Windows XP Professional", you will then see the familiar screen of windows booting up. You will then be asked to select a user account to login as. Select admin NB: The Admin account may be password protected, if you know it, good, enter it. If not, either refer to your computer manual, or login as your usual account. When you login it will look like windows 95, that's because all of the visual options have been disable, and only the most important processes have been allowed to load. From there run Norton, it will say that it is not able to run in safe mode, but will ask if you want to run a scan, click OK, and leave it to scan. It should find the virus, and you should be able to delete it. Hope this helped :D

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Q: What do you do if Norton Spyware found a Trojan Horse in a file on your computer but Windows XP Pro will not allow you to delete the file?
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What does Microsoft Security Essentials do?

Microsoft Security Essentials is antivirus software for Windows XP through Windows 7. It protects your computer against viruses, spyware, trojan horses and rootkits.

What are three big computer viruses?

Spyware, Trojan, Adware. I this these are dangerous computer malwares.

How where computer viruses created when Microsoft started making windows?

Computer Viruses were JavaScript before windows was made. windows was a cmd effect before windows 95 came out! when windows 95 came out Microsoft forgot to put a JavaScript on windows 95 and cracked the computer viruses and the viruses got released out of the JavaScript and the viruses spread around in programs the internet in downloads in hacking tools and websites! and then a couple of years later in 1999 Microsoft thought of a spyware remover program "Norton." Norton was the first spyware remover, but there was no way removing all the viruses. viruses are geting created each day. and then in 1984 the first apple computer came what started the very first virus the first virus was called a trojan horse. and then apple start to make viruses and locked all up intil the virus broke out of the javascript.

What are the categories of Computer Virus?

maleware, spyware, trojan, sypware, worms, adware

What are five example of adware?

malware, spyware, virus, trojan, computer threats

What are 5 common computer viruses on a computer?

Computer Wroms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, malware..... hope it helps

How do you get rid of Trojan DownloaderAgentETP?

Trojan downloader is I think spyware so get spyware doctor or a strong antivirus.

How do you remove psw x vir Trojan from a windows xp computer?

reinstall windows

Does anti spyware remove Trojan horses?

Yes, anti spyware remove Trojan horse. You can try

How does one remove Trojan Vundo from their computer?

The Vundo trojan can be removed from one's computer by downloading a removal tool. The removal tool can be downloaded from many websites, including Symantec and Norton.

How do you remove lass.exe from Windows XP?

lass.exe is a process which is registered as the Troj.Bdoor.AKM Trojan. This Trojan allows attackers to access your computer from remote locationsYou need to run a good anti virus and anti spyware program

What is a Trojan avalert?

Trojan.avalert is a Trojan Horse program that displays fake Windows and antivirus security messages plus links to websites that are corrupted. From what I have read from the Norton Security Community forums, Norton cannot remove Trojan.avalert.

How con you protect your computer system so spyware is not loaded onto it?

Get an antivirus protection like from Microsoft of something . if you get an antivirus that you have never heard of it might not work or maybe its a Trojan or spyware being downloaded into your computer. :]

Why do you think some computer viruses are known as Trojan horses?

It may show Trojan horse characteristics like pretending to be legitimate software and once installed download spyware and infect the computer. Or steal passwords

Can TurboYourPC speedup my computer running Windows 10?

Seems like a trojan virus

How to put out the Trojans from the computer?

To delete a Trojan, you should try to buy a good anit-virus program like Norton Antivirus, Windows Live Onecare, etc. Then, just run a scan. The scanner will ask if you want to delete the Trojan, and you should click accept. Done.

Which type of malware is designed to find out the activity of a computer user without his or her knowledge... a. adware b. logic bomb c. Trojan horse d. spyware?

d. spyware

What is considered a Trojan fakealert?

A trojan fake alert is rogue spyware that displays fake virus alert popups to trick the computer user into purchasing unnecessary software to remove the fake virus. This type of spyware can usually be uninstalled using software such as Malwarebytes, SuperAnti-Spyware and other anti-malware applications.

What is a Trojan website?

trojan websites give you big computer viruses and if you have one use spybot spyware adware and zone alarm if none of those work i would get a wipout computer clean disk it removes everything.

What is postbuild?

PostBuild.exe, is a Virus/Trojan, it goes under PostBuild, and can harm you computer, i would do a scan with a Anti-Spyware program.

What is Trojan Horse Clicker ZWK and how do you remove it?

Trojan horse is spyware that be removed by downloading free anti spyware prog superantispyware from the free site filehippo

How can you use avast to remove Trojan virus autorunexe from your computer?

You can get firewall protection, and install norton 360, update your computer to the max, and it should get killed away

I have coreguardantivirus2009 Trojan fakeav and internet security 2010 on my computer wondering if they're removable with norton?

These are fake antivirus programs, usually Norton misses such malware. Use MalwareBytes or SUPERAntispyware instead.

What is ip sec?

Internet Protocol security. The security that relates to computer security on the internet - firewalls, spyware, Trojan horses and that sort of stuff

How does Trojan support spyware?

Trojan horses are designed to allow a hacker to target a remote computer system. Once a Trojan horse has been installed on a target computer system, it is possible for a hacker to access it remotely and perform various operations and it may do so without any user intervention at the remote end.