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It is possible that the hamster feels safer in a cage. Open spaces scare him if he has only been exposed to a small space since birth. It is called "institutionalized" and sometimes people get that way too.

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Q: What do you do if a 16-day-old teddy bear hamster falls onto the floor and constantly rolls over when you take him out of the cage but is fine in the cage?
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my hamster is hiding in our air vents. I know because it smells like an old hamster cage. My question is how do I get it out?? Our last hamster died in there and it smelled almost as bad. (ps: if you have a 3 year old, don't get a hamster!) One way to get a hamster out is to look for a ceiling vent in your basement. If you have floor vents in your first floor, then the ceiling vent will be on the same level. Once you find a ceiling vent, find where hammy is hiding. Listen for little footsteps in the air vents. When you think he's near the ceiling vent, stuck hamster tubes up inside of it. Hammy won't be able to resist crawling in his hamster tubes! That's how i got my hamster out of the air vents. - ya u totally copied that from the hamster hideout forum...

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The most common hamster flooring is wood chippings/shavings. They love t burry in it. If you go down to your local pet store there's a variety of beddings, you can pick the perfect one depending on what breed of hamster you have.

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Yes, but be sure to wash it off very well so that the hamster doesnt smell it and lick the cage walls and floor, otherwise it could get sick.

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