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the injectors are prlly bad just cause you clean them dont make them good so i would get new ones

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โˆ™ 2005-10-03 07:31:46
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Q: What do you do if a 1996 Camaro V6 is misfiring and a diagnostic said it was the fuel injectors but you already had them cleaned?
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Can fuel injectors be cleaned?


What will happen to the engine if you put diesel into petrol engine?

what it will do is damage your injectors unless u take it right to a mechanic to get the injectors cleaned

How does the dealer know if fuel injectors need cleaned?

If they look dirty hahaha der.

Saturn sl1 does not turn over on start hesitates about 5 seconds?

have your fuel injectors cleaned

My Chevy Camaro 3.1 v6 fuel goes to the injectors but not the past them What can i do do fix it?

where is the fuel filter on a 91 Chevy camaro 3.1 v6 have the injectors cleaned and purged by your mechanic or if that doesnt work just replace the injectors

What Problems with fuel injectors is it common fault on daewoo matiz se 2001?

like all EFI engines, injectors become cloged with varnish-lime stuff. they have to be taken out and cleaned with a special macine for cleaning injectors.

My 1991 Honda Accord does not turn over i cleaned the fuel injector and sometimes it starts and sometimes it does not?

If the injectors on a 1991 Honda Accord are working well than proceed to check the main relay and fuel filter. Replace the components if they are worn and check the engine with a diagnostic test.

What is the procedure for repairing sugar in the fuel tank?

The fuel pump, and filter will need replaced. The tank will need cleaned out. The lines will need cleaned and the injectors may need replaced.

Why does the car rev high when going up a hill?

My car did this. I took it to get the heads de-carbonized and the fuel injectors cleaned out and it stopped doing this. Most likely it was the fuel injectors causing the problem.

What part of speech is already?

"Already" is an adverb.In general, adverbs tell you how something happens or is being done. Compare:I have cleaned my bike.I have already cleaned my bike."Already" is adding some detail to the cleaning, in other words to the verb.

What would cause your 2002 Chevy venture to sputter while driving I have already performed a tune-up plugs and wires cleaned the throttle body cleaned out the maf sensor with maf sensor cleaner?

Try checking your fuel filter. is service engine soon light on? if it is go to autozone or advanced auto parts, they will usaully read diagnostic trouble codes for free and post diagnostic trouble code to narrow problem

Why is your 95 talon hesitating around corners and speeding up?

It may be time for a tune up or to get those injectors cleaned!

92 Chevy Caprice HAS no injector puLSE?

A 92 Chevy Caprice that has no injector pulse mostly likely has clogged injectors or a defective fuel pump. Fuel injectors must be cleaned periodically to removed buildup for peak performance.

What if vandals put antifreeze in car fuel tank Can I put dry gas or some product and fill the tank and be safe?

The tank should be drained and cleaned. The fuel filter needs to be changed, and the injectors might have to be cleaned.

Cleaned engine in 1996 Camry check engine light came on how do you get it off?

There are lots of reasons for the check engine light to come on. Some models have the light come on when the odometer hits a certain mileage point for scheduled maintenance. Also, if there is a fault in the firing sequence, injectors, vacuum, or other processes, the light will come on. "Cleaned engine" is a little vague - did you spray it with engine cleaner? If you did, and you rinsed with water, check your electrical connections and dry them out. If you went deeper, and removed the injectors and cleaned them, etc. Check over everything you did. You may have inadvertently clogged an injector or the electrical connection is loose. Find a friend who has a diagnostic computer and hook it up. It may return the fault code you need or it may return no fault code and you can reset the light. You can find the diagnostic handhelds at auto parts stores now and it could be worth it. The garage will charge you to diagnose, fix and reset the light and that could cost more than the device.

Can bad fuel injectors make a car run rough?

most definitely. they can be sonically cleaned, though, for about each, by your local carburetor service shop.

What does the warning light that looks like spray gun on a fiat mean?

there is a problem with your fuel injection injectors, most of the time i get dirty and need to be cleaned

How do you diagnose spark problem with 97 Chevy cavalier ODB2 p0300 random misfire even after changing plugs wires coil pack ignition control module so I ask What next?


Why would a 1995 Rodeo hesitate and jumps at times replaced the coils plugs fuel filter cleaned injectors how else can this be fixed?

have the tps sensor changed

Water in gas 98 blazer vortec Pulled drained cleaned New filter and pumpFuel makin it to bleeder valve but not injectors what do you do?

crank it till starts

How do you troubleshoot the car dying in reverse and at stops?

Have a 1990 Ford Tempo GL, The car dies when you put it into reverse or you come to a stop. have replaced plugs, wires, Idol sensor, and cleaned the injectors. Its still doing it. Have a 1990 Ford Tempo GL, The car dies when you put it into reverse or you come to a stop. have replaced plugs, wires, Idol sensor, and cleaned the injectors. Its still doing it.

How often do injectors in a ford BA falcon need to be replaced?

They only need to be replaced if they cannot be ultrasonically cleaned successfully. Or if they are faulty and don't work at all. The BA Falcon has a self cleaning strategy where the injectors are pulsed quickly to help clean injectors stay clean. Factors affecting fouled injectors include fuel quality, mileage of vehicle (high and low), fuel system servicing and if LPG fitted also.

How do you clean clog injectors on a 1995 Honda accord 2.2 vtec engine?

I suggest you purchase 2 cans of Seafoam FI cleaner and follow the directions on the cans. Can be purchased at most auto parts stores. If that does not work you may have to remove the injectors and have them professionally cleaned.

What can because a missfire on a 1995 Pontiac firebird?

most misfires are caused by bad spark plugs, plugwires, coils, module, alternator or fuel injectors that need to be cleaned

Can you steam mop tile floors?

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