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Go to the dealership and order new ones! Belive me I tried everything before I came up with this, so do not waist your time.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-16 14:51:57
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Q: What do you do if a 1998 VW Beetle has passenger-side door lock problems?
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How do you remove the driver side door panel of a 1999 Beetle to replace door lock?

How do you remove the driver side door panel of a 1998 VW Beetle to replace the door handle cable?

Where are the airbags located in a 2009 Honda Odysse?

check your owners manual-driverside at horn. possibly driversside door & passengerside dash & door.

What would cause the door open alert to sound and the light to go off randomly while driving in your 1998 VW New Beetle?

Probably the door ajar switch malfunctioning

How do you disable the alarm system on a 1998 New Beetle?

if you have a hatch back you can deactivate alarm system by placing key in hatch back and simply openning door

How do you repair fuel filler door new beetle?

A quick fix for a fuel filler door on a new Beetle automobile is to use a paperclip where the hinge should be. If the door is completely broken off, a new door should be purchased.

What is the the rail under the door of a 2000 vw beetle technically called?

door sill.

How do I unlock passenger door with the remote on a VW Beetle?

you hit the unlock door button twice.

Where is the door release for the hood in a 2001 VW Beetle?

Open the drivers door. The lever is next to the opening of the door by your left foot.

How do you remove exterior door handle 1961 VW Beetle?

There are 2 screws on the inside of the door under the door seal, remove and slide the door handle off.

How do you replace the door handle on a 1968 beetle?

To replace the door handle on a 1968 Beetle, the inside door panel needs to be removed. First, remove any light lenses in the door, then remove the clips on the sides and corners. The old door handle can be removed by loosening the screws on the inside. Then, position the new door handle and tighten the screws. Replace the door panel by popping it back into place.

What size speakers go in the door of a 99 vw beetle?


How do you replace air door actuator in gm sonoma 1998?

Where is the blend door actuator on a 1998 Sonoma

How do you open the door of a 1998 avenger with a broken door handle?

To open a door on a 1998 Avenger that has a broken handle, a person might have to use another door to gain entry to the vehicle. Then the door can be opened from the inside.

What causes the automatic door locks to operate on a 1998 Chrysler sebring convertible?

I have 1998 it is your door jam switchs

How do you replace a 1998 cheyenne inside door handle?

how do I replace the inside door handle on a 1998 chevy cheyenne?

Replacing the window door chrome trim and seal on a 1967 vw beetle?


What is the correct tire pressure for a 1974 VW Beetle in cool weather?

Check the door jambs or fuel filler door - should be a label

Where is the fuse box located on a 2001 VW Beetle?

Open the driver's door and look about middle ways down on the side panel. You will see the fuse panel door about 4" x 4" in size. Use a screw driver to pry open the door.

How do you remove a 2003 VW New Beetle door panel?

The 2003 VW Beetle inside door panel is held in place with two retaining bolts and eight retaining clips. Remove the retaining bolts and pry outward on each retaining clip.

How do you replace door glass vw beetle?

Its not as hard as it sounds, but you have to take off the door panel first. Then you loosen the bolts for the window regulator. Then its just working the winow and out. On my 73 super beetle, I fond it easier to remove the small vent window also.

Where is the door latch mechanism on a 1998 Ford Expedition?

on the end of each door , visible with the door open

Door wont open on VW beetle?

This means that there is probably structural damage. The whole door probably needs to be replaced in order to fix this problem.Ê

Where is the remote fuel door release on a 1999 beetle?

on the drivers door, in front of the rear hatch release. its down low towards the front of the car.

Where is the blend door actuator located in a 1998 Toyota Camry?

where is the blend door machanism (acuator) located in my 1998 toyota camryalso how to fix

How do you reset garage door opener on 1998 town and country?

on a 1998 Chrysler Town and Country how do you reset the On board garage door opener