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What do you do if a boy likes you and your friend but doesn't pay much attention to you?


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Then, maybe your friend doesn't like the boy that likes you, or is jealous.

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she has a bf but kindda likes u or doesnt really want 2 go out with him anymore, her friend likes you, you not as popular as her, she likes you but doesnt wanna show that shes soooo happy cuz she doesnt know how much u like her, she thinks you might not really like her and just want a gf, or she likes you and someone else and wants to think it through =D

doesnt pay as much attention to you as she did.

hes just showing off in front of you to show you how much he cares about you it doesnt mean he doesnt like/love you anymore its just means that he really likes you

You should just start talking to her, be nice, compliment her, flirt a little, become her friend, BUT not too good of a friend so she can't think of you as a love interest (be a little bit of a flirty friend). Then when the time is right, tell her you like her, because chances are she might just like you too.

then dont pasying much attention to him, or just ask him why

if he is always inching away from you. If he doesnt pay much attention to you, or doesnt talk to you alot.

u go up to our friend and figure out who likes him more or ask him which one do he likes more its not much but that's all i can think of

thatss not possibile just because she doesnt show it that doesnt mean she doesnt like them.sometimes it can be your fault your probably not giving her much attention

Just pay attention to his words and eyes. Also how much attention he pays to her in front of you or behind your back. watch to see how he looks at her, with longing or interest and if he pays alot of attention to her. if the answer is YES to either one, he likes her.

It can affect in two ways. Scenario One: You are prettier than your friend and all the boys love you and dont pay much attention to her. If this is the case, the next time a guy comes up to you and you are with your friend say to the guy, oh this my friend ______ and then they should either say hi or nod or something. From then don't spend too much time with him becasue it makes her feel sad. Scenario Two: Your friend is prettier than you. Well it is the reverse of number one. If your friend is with a guy introduce yourself if she doesnt do it for you. If he doesnt listen tap your friend on the sholder and say that you are leaving and if she doesnt care then she is really only using you for a friendship.

If the other boy likes her back then leave it alone and it will probably go bad in a few months and then you swoop in. or If he doesn't help her to realize that he doesnt and comfort her and point out all of her good qualities to get her to see how much you like her.

Type your answer here... no she doesnt but she likes him very much

if he looks at you alot, doesnt talk to you that much, around his friend acts like ur just a friend

Find out what your friend likes. If he likes basketball, get him a jersey for his favorite team! If he likes a certain band, get him a CD! If you don't know much about him, ask his friends what he likes.

That is your friend and your cousin, not your life, stay out of it. I'm sure them going-out won't change your relationship with them by much

If you still have feelings for him you can't do much but talk with your best friend. If she is a good friend then she will not began a relationship with him.

You might want to ask yourself how much he likes you, and how much you like him.If your friend likes him back, you might have to sit back and wait and see if it works out.If not, offer your support to both of them.If your friend doesn't like him back, perhaps ask her to talk to him and tell him she likes him as a friend, but no more, and hint about you and him.But generally, just keep on being friends with him, and remember he might be confused about who he likes more between you, and probably right now he needs friendship, not romance!

Your "friend" doesn't sound like a friend, the guy you like sounds like he likes the attention of the both of you too much to give up flirting, so isn't interested in a serious date/relationship.

i love somone so much but he doesnt love me =( I love someone so much but she hates me. Now I like another girl, let's see what happens. I will ask her out pretty soon, but my dearest, not best, friend likes her too. So there is a problem :(

she doesnt likes werewolves,and doesnt want him to be near the baby in the last book.no special reasons for disliking as such.

you have to know how much does your friend like this girl..i mean you've known your friend "i think" for a very long time, and true friends aren't easy to find, and maybe you liked her after he did maybe because of his talking about her, so she got your attention. but if you liked her before he did or at the same time i guess you just should tell your friend about that, if he really likes her you can't just make him lose interest in her. the girl will just choose between you two she will respond to the one that she likes, so you can't gamble on your friendship, what if she likes your friend, then you can't do anything, and also if she likes you your friend won't blame you.

The way they are with you if they flirt to much then obvisiouly there is some conncetion.

Just going to have to tell her how you feel pretty much.

heyy. my name is darian, and this has happened to me a lottt. lol but you just have to flirt as much as you can. and it could happen:)

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