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IF you are sure its rebuilt, call the attorney general in your state. Some states do not give rebuilt titles. If yours is one of those, they might not have lied. And they might not have known about the rebuilt part. Good Luck

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โˆ™ 2004-07-25 00:21:20
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Q: What do you do if a dealer lies to you about a vehicle's title being clean and you find out that it has been rebuilt?
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How much does a salvage title take off a cars trade in value?

Typically, salvage vehicles' value are 40% less than that of a comparable car with a clean title. This is assuming the car has been repaired/rebuilt properly and is roadworthy.

What do you do when a dealer sends you a clean title to a car you didn't pay for?

I would contact the dealer because it could be a mistake

Is it possible for an alternator to go out 3 weeks after rebuilt?

Yes it is. answer #2 New; means nothing in this business and rebuilt means even less. Especially if you purchased it from AutoZone. They sell a wonderful core, clean . . . but a terrible rebuilt Starter or Alternator. drl

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Can a dealer ask you to return a new car if your trade-in is later found to have had a salvage rebuilt title?

Well, if you knowingly traded in a salvage/rebuilt car with a wrong/clean title he has the right to sue you for the extra money he gave you for your trade in since a salvage car is worth roughly 40% less than a comparable clean titled car. Did you sign over a salvage title when you traded the car in? If so, he has no legal recourse since the salvage title is clearly marked and it's his problem.

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Will a warranty of clean title from a dealer protect you if the actual title is not at hand?


What is the best care dealer to upkeep my car?

Try out your dealer for your brand of car. They will help you keep it clean and looking sharp. Good luck with it.

The function of a catalytic converter is primarily to?

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How do you buy salvage vehicles?

If you mean totaled cars that have yet to be repaired, go to an auction or tow yard. If you mean a salvage car that has been reconstructed to roadworthiness, try craigslist. There's lotsa salvage vehicles being sold there under the guise of being a clean titled car! But sometimes there's honest seller who are selling totaled/reconstructed cars for what they're worth, which is roughly 60% of the price of a comparable clean titled car.

How would you re-register a used salvaged title car to a new CLEAN or NEW titled car?

Not possible. It used to be that some states provided a clean title upon meeting state inspection requirements but Congress has passed a law that requires all states to label the title as such. Individual states may differ in the nomenclature labeling these vehicles as: "salvage", "rebuilt", or "branded".

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