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you need to get her alone, and you need to be by-yourself too. This will show the girl that you are being serious because the girl will think that as your friends are not around then it is not as a joke. Girls can feel intimidated like that. I should know, and it may not be that she has low self-esteem it may be that she finds it unlikely that a lad like you is asking her out. just say your serious and that you really like her and give her a hug or try to hold her hand touch her when you talk to her like your talking to your girlfriend but don't get to touchy she's already sensitive about who she is and what she looks like and so on and so forth so just take it slow but look her dead in the eye and say it like you meant I want to take you out on a date bring flowers something you know what to do butter her up.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-23 15:53:22
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Q: What do you do if a girl has such low self-esteem that she thinks you're joking when you ask her out?
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