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The proper thing to do is to remind her that she has a boyfriend and not respond to her flirting.

Make sure she's actually flirting with you though and not just being extremely nice.

If it persists or reaches a higher level don't refrain from telling her boyfriend about it.


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Call were boyfriend and say look she is flirting with you at the end kiss were boyfriend.

It's obvious if someone is flirting with your boyfriend. The question should be, "Does your boyfriend care?" The answer to THAT question determines how you should handle the situation. ;)

ask her to stop flirting with you if you dont like it, or if you like it then tell her so.

If I was the girlfriend, and I know what's going on, I will talk to this girl and ask her what she is trying to do. I will ask her if she knows that the boy she is trying to flirt has a girlfriend. I will be civilize and calm and be professional about talking to the other girl. I will also tell her how will she feel if it was her boyfriend that's being flirt by another girl. Then I will ask nicely to stop flirting with my boyfriend.

take it as a joke or tell him you are not happy with it

you take your boyfriend to somewhere that is nice and he is sure to not hang out with that girl :} if yyou are more than 13 years old

You don't. She's probably happy with her current boyfriend and she doesn't need the stress of another guy flirting with her.

You see him talking to another girl and flirting with her saying I love you

Whether black or any other skin color or even big breasted girls should not be flirting if they have a boyfriend. If you are a friend then stay out of it as it is up to her boyfriend to decide if he wants to put up with her flirting and it is up to the girl in question to realize she is probably going to end up with a bad reputation.

>>>Kill her, hahah, joke,, it's up to your boyfriend, if he wants what the girl is doing with him then well I think you should talk to your bf... then both of you should decide on what to do./.

Heck yes! He is flirting with another girl and he is dating you? Dump his sorry butt.

If a girl laughs at all your jokes, even when they are not funny, she is flirting with you. If a girl goes out of her way to talk to you, she is flirting with you.

Yes, if a girl is feeling on you that is a form of flirting.

just go and tell her off she is probably just lonely and needs someone

Flirting with her all the time, spending a lot of time with her, and giving her flirty compliments.

what you have to do is tell her ASAP ! before he says you where the one flirting with him.!

Flirting is flirting you do it the same way as for a guy.

i always stay with my boyfriend and i get showy and affectionate when im with him . because if i won't give him attention, he might go to that flirting girl. well, be cautious. don't let him cheat so always monitor him. but if you trust him enough, then ignore that girl! she won't even have the chance! good luck with that. Yes, Trust is must need in any relationships.

when a girl is flirting she is sometimes touching her all the time or hint to you that she likes you.

Get on your boyfriend in front of her. (to 'Get on' somebody is to kiss them)

when a girl is flirting with you, usually it means that she has a crush on you (basically it means that she likes you)

She probably does like you if she is flirting with you. However, if she has a boyfriend, you may want to set your attention on a different girl who you might have a better shot with.

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