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He's lower than pond scum. It's a chicken way out. This guy holds no moral values and doesn't mind hurting those close to him. Consider yourself lucky that you are rid of him. It doesn't matter what his reasons were, but what does matter is he wasn't mature enough to talk to you about why he wanted to break the relationship up. Just let it go.

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What do you do if your girl friend breaks up with you?

try talking and flirt a little to get her to like you again that's how i usually do it and give compliments and spend time with her if it don't work out theres plenty of ppl out there

How do you get your exgirlfriend to like you again?

Try talking to her again

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sorry.. this is not a question. please try asking again

What if you tell your guy friend you like him and he stops talking to you?

i tryed that, just stop talking to him, and then he'll come start talking to you again

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explain is the verb.Please explain the procedure again slowly.

How would you reply when asked nice talking you?

the obvious "nice talking to you too"or"we should do it again sometime"

Sample of explanation letter late and absent?

Never give an explanation letter for why you are late and absent. These will only be excuses. Write a letter of apology and assure that it will not happen again.

Does Ichigo get his hollow mask back after it breaks?

yes, over and over and over again

If you are in the middle of downloading a paid app and your connection breaks do you have to pay for it again if you want it?


When you try to chain a certain Pokemon and the chain breaks you cant find that Pokemon again?

you can find the Pokemon again but you have to start the chain over

What to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you and starts talking to his ex again?

It is very hard to do, but let him go. If he is not interested in you, nothing you do can change that. You will only make life difficult for yourself trying to change him. Be happy with who you are, and move on. Good luck. Keep your self esteem.

When did alcohol became legal again?

Assuming you are talking about it in the USA. It was legal again on March 22, 1933

What age did Maya angelou start talking again?


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The penalty will be paid by death

How to win your ex back after a year of being seperated but still talking here and there?

You can win your ex back after a 1 year separation by simply talking to her sweetly and treating her well and she will be yours again as long as you have been talking here and there.

Can you use the same paper again and again?

as long as there is no writing on it, you can recycle paper. This helps the environment. when you are talking about writing a paper, no. you cannot use the same paper again and again.