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Use fuel system cleaner, if it doesn't help you could have a problem with the cadalidic converter or the head gasket.

This could be because you have coolant burning inside the combustion chamber(s). If you are leaking coolant, but cannot find the leak i.e. no puddles, then it is probable that your head gasket is leaking, your head is cracked, or both. If you are handy with tools, rent/buy a compression tester. If you have low compression in two adjacent cylinders, you probably have a blown head gasket. Not an easy fix. Sorry to say that.

You may be able to get a solution from AAP that can fix the head gasket leaks. I do not know what the brand name is but they say it works. Just drain the coolant, rerun the solution through, flush and add fresh coolant. I have never tried that though.

Good luck.

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Q: What do you do if a lot of white smoke is coming out of the muffler?
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How do you know if you've blown a head gasket on a 97 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder?

If you see a lot of white smoke coming out of the muffler , that is the sign.

What if your 1999 s2 has a lot of white smoke coming out of the tailpipe?

probably a blown head gasket

Honda Passport doing a lot of white smoke?

under the engine block is wet and it is blowing a lot of white smoke

You just had your intake maniflod thermostat and fullthrottle body replaced your 98 Monte Carlo has a lot of smoke coming out of the muffler constantly is that normal?

No this is not normal. Depending on the color of the smoke, the engine is either burning oil, or the fuel/air mixture is off and the fuel is not burning fully.

Which colour of smoke is very dangerous black or white?

The degree of toxicity has very little to do with the colour of the smoke, but a lot to do with what it's coming from and what it contains. It'd be a little bit easier to make a white smoke that's entirely harmless - like water vapour - but colour is no guarantee either way.

What does it mean when a 1996 Toyota Camry shakes a lot when driving and white smoke comes out the tailpipe at start up?

IT usally means that WATER is coming out of YOUR tailpipe wich is STEAM & running ruff is Because the smoke is coming from the DEAD cylinder because the head Gasket is blown(bad) {USALLY}

How do you determine if an engine is burning oil?

White or bluish/white smoke coming from the tailpipe is oil. Black smoke is unburnt gas. So if you notice a drop in the level of oil when you check it with the dipstick and have that: the white or bluish smoke, you are burning oil. Could be piston rings, especially on a high mileage engine, valve guide seals, (that will cause a lot of smoke upon start up, the oil has leaked past the valve seals in to the combustion chamber while sitting) but the basic answer to your question is the smoke

You think the car is over fueling.a lot of white smoke from the exhaut?

The old standard that we used was: Black smoke = too much fuel Blue smoke = Oil White smoke = water Hope this helped. Exactly, white smoke is a sign of coolant in the combustion chamber. Stop driving the car and have it looked at by a professional immediately.

Why does a lot of white smoke emit at idle after a hard revving the engine?

You may have a blown head gasket. The white smoke may actually be steam from coolant leaking into the combustion chambers. If your car is using a lot of water, this would back up the blown head gasket theory. White smoke is coolant and black smoke is oil. I agree that this is likely a problem with your head gasket.

You fixed a hose that made your antifreeze leak and heat up your car but now theres a lot of smoke coming out does it mean you blew the headers?

if the smoke is white and you've over heated the car in the past there is a good chance that you have blown the head gasket or even the heads sorry

Why does my car exhaust smoke a lot?

If there's a lot of white smoke you,ve blown a head gasket.Answerbecause its a ford Answerbecause its a ford can't say if you keep your car details a secret

Why does white smoke come out of the tailpipe on a jeep wrangler?

White smoke is steam. A little is normal on all engines. If there is a lot it could be an indication of coolant getting into the exhaust, possibly from a failed headgasket.

Cat C13 engine will not start and produce a lot of white smoke?

The most common cause of a Caterpillar see 13 diesel engine not starting and producing and a lot of white smoke is a bad camshaft. A plugged air filter can also cause the same problem.

How do you tell if there is water in your gas?

Start your engine and look at the exhaust. If there is a lot of white smoke coming out, you have water in your gas. You can also place an empty cup in the stream of the exhaust. If water droplets appear in the glass, you have water in your gas.

Why does your 97 jeep grand Cherokee uses a lot of water abut is not leaking anywhere?

If you can't detect a leak but if you have white smoke (steam) coming out of the exhaust, you may have a blown head gasket or a cracked cylinder head.

Why does your truck blow a lot of white smoke?

There's a good chance that coolant is getting mixed in with your oil.

Why would an 1996 mack ms250p blow a lot of white smoke if it is only 50 degrees?

There is a problem around the head in which coolant is getting into the cylinders. White smoke can almost always be attributed to a coolant in the engine problem.

Why is your 1997 Pontiac transport throwing out a lot of white smoke out the exhaust pipe after you gave it a tune up since it never had a tune up for who knows how long?

well white smoke is water or coolant being burned

Why when you push the accelerator would your car blow a lot of smoke?

White smoke = Coolant leak, head gasket is the likely culprit. Blue smoke = Engine burning oil. Black smoke = Engine running too rich, wasting fuel.

1998 eclipse puts out a lot of white smoke especially when idling no leak but uses one quart per week?

white smoke indicates a blown head gasket. Is your car using one quart of oil a week?

When was Smoke-a-Lot Records created?

Smoke-a-Lot Records was created in 1998.

Why does your exhaust let out water and moisture and a lot of white smoke when not at operating temp but when at normal temp the smoke is gone but small drops of water drip out?

It's call condensation.

What is the white vaginal discharge?

Its probably your period coming on if you have been having it a lot and after your prod then it may be that you are pregnant .

Can a oxygen sensor make your car smoke?

Not by itself. On newer cars, the oxygen sensor can tell the computer to richen up or lean out the air fuel mixture. It could cause a little, almost unnoticeable amount of extra smoke if it was calling for an extremely rich mixture. If you have a gasoline engine and there is a lot white smoke coming from the tail pipe then your engine is either running excessively rich or has a coolant leak and is burning water (some white smoke is normal in the winter, because the engine runs richer due to the cold). If the smoke is black then the engine is burning oil.

What is the legal db of a muffler in the UK?

A lot less than my Harley here in the US